How Much Is Tai Lopez Worth 2019? His Wiki & Scam Updates

To find out how much Tai Lopez net worth is, we first need to figure out how much the “Hey, Here In My Garage” guy spent on his Lamborghini self-promoting videos. Like most YouTube video creators, Lopez first started his channel on November 13, 2013, and slowly built the first (and hardest) 1000 subscribers.

In his first video, it looks like Tai was a makeup artist for a photoshoot filmed in Hollywood Hills. In the third video, Lopez started his now-famous “Book of the Day Club” with the 67 Steps How To Be Wealthy Guide. Now just a few years later, Tai Lopez’s net worth has skyrocketed to over $50 million, according to Networthreporter.

There wasn’t much interest in listening to an unknown make-up artist (according to his first video) talk about becoming wealthy without having the appearance of a sizable net worth first. There were no viral videos for almost two years, but that all changed when Lopez first posted the “Here in my Garage” on September 2, 2015.

Tai Lopez Here In My Garage Campaign

How did Tai Lopez YouTube Channel grow exponentially a year later to over 645,000 Subscribers he has today? It’s simple. If you can’t get your videos to go viral naturally, then you can always pay for the views. And pay He did. In a little over a year, Lopez spent tens-of-thousands of dollars promoting his video next to the (reported) rented Lamborghini sitting in his (also reported) rented garage.

Did Tai’s brilliant plan of self-promoting his success pay off and add to his current net worth? You only have to look at the “Here in My Garage” video with over 69 million views and over 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers to find that answer.

Lopez’s YouTube Channel has over 292 million total video views combined. Yes, I know he paid for millions of those views, but the numbers are still impressive.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Is it a good investment paying for a video to go viral? In Tai Lopez net worth case, it most certainly turned out to be an excellent investment helping add to his current net worth. In fact, Lopez’s Net Worth has drastically increased over the past year that he finally could afford to buy a Lamborghini.

Is Tai Lopez A Scam?

Some people called Tai Lopez, a scam artist or a fraud for his “Here In My Garage Video.” Even if Lopez rented the Lamborghini and the Hollywood Hills Home, He still had possession, right? The sports car and multi-million dollar home were Lopez’s, even if it was for a short time. Now if I could only get that “Hey” out of my head.

Tai Lopez’s net worth drastically changed, playing a calculated game promoting viral videos with a little bit of acting to promote his products. Lopez has become a Famous YouTube Reality Star, now known by millions of people around the world. It hasn’t hurt Tai’s follow-up videos with the likes of Mark Cuban and “That Chick,” furthering build his credibility online.

Tai Lopez Website

FaceBook Almost 4 million Followers

YouTube 1 million subscribers with 200 million views

Tai Lopez Interview Update

After dozens of not-so-flattering videos about Tai Lopez’s Ferrari’s and his mansion, he finally agreed to an interview. Out of all the popular YouTube channels that would’ve gladly done the interview, Lopez chose Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions, his biggest critic with the video “The Tai Lopez Conspiracy” with over 6 million views. More Information on Tai Lopez and Ethan Klein’s interview here when they finally meet in person.


Tai Lopez’s net worth is more than what we’ve expected. Detail about Tai Lopez’s wiki and scam here

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