Dan Larimer Net Worth

Dan Larimer’s Net Worth

When it come’s to Blockchain success since Bitcoin was born, Dan Larimer’s net worth is among the top of a select few early pioneers. The most famous person in cryptocurrencies is, of course, Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin. The young Dan Larimer was trying to invent his own decentralized cryptocurrency when he talked with Satoshi in a Bitcoin Forum on several occasions.

Some people, however, speculate Dan Larimer is the genius, Satoshi Nakamoto, that used two different accounts to anonymously bring Bitcoin to the world. Either way, Larimer definitely communicated with the now Legend multiple times before Nakamoto seemingly vanished into thin air.

Dan started the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange called BitShares with Charles Hoskins in 2013. Unfortunately, the two crypto masterminds had different visions of the future and are now seen as the “Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs” within the cryptography evolution. Hoskins helped co-invent Etherium with Vitalik Buterin before moving on to Cardano (ADA) and what’s being promoted as Bitcoin 3.0 technology.

Larimer, however, took a completely different approach first proving his concept with Steemit the worlds first decentralized social network rewarding its members for participating in the platform. Currently, Steemit is by far the most used blockchain capable of doing substantially more transactions than Bitcoin and #2 Etherium platforms combined.

EOS – The Future of Blockchain?

Taking what Dan Larimer learned from Satoshi and why his identity had to remain anonymous for Bitcoin to succeed, the entire EOS.IO platform is being released as open-source software June 1, 2018. The entire funding for EOS software development is self-funded by Block.One Venture Capital, run by Larimer and CEO Brendan Blumer, along with several young crypto millionaires including Brock Pierce and Jeremy Gardner to name a few.

 What makes EOS the Blockchain platform of the future and potentially render Etherium (Bitcoin 2.0) obsolete? In one word “scalability” that’s already been proven with Steemit’s increasing daily transactions. Just about anyone with C++ experience can create their own version of Steemit on the EOS platform within a smart contract. In fact, you’ll be able to create entire websites, blogs, currencies, exchanges, communities and the list goes on. The future of the Internet will be on the blockchain, it’s just a matter of time. After already creating two successful crypto protocols from scratch, Dan Larimer said EOS will be the platform He’ll be creating new DAPP’s for in the future.

EOS.io $2 Billion Token Sale

Ironically, the very successful EOS token sale is being held on the Etherium platform, the same protocol Larimer could soon make obsolete. What’s good for Etherium however, is the fact EOS is on track to raise over $2 billion worth from its ICO (initial coin offering) on its platform. Not only has Dan Larimer helped EOS become the most successful ICO ever, it doesn’t end until June 1, 2018, and expected to top $2 billion before the token sale is over. Unfortunately, U.S. citizens can not invest in the biggest ICO ever but will be able to participate after the current EOS SRC20 Ethereum tokens are exchanged for the real EOS tokens when it goes live July 2018.

As mentioned above, Dan and Block.One is self-funding the EOS technology without using any of the ICO tokens proceeds. So what happens to this treasure and how will it be spent? They are creating a massive fund that’ll be deployed by the community helping fund new projects on the platform. Think when Apple first invented the protocol for Apps on the iPhone along with a billion-dollar budget to incentivize new development. Out of the over 1500 blockchains and cryptocurrencies so far created, EOS.io is the “ONLY ONE” with a built-in multi-billion-dollar budget helping fund the communities future growth.

Dan Larimer’s Net Worth

So what is Dan Larimer’s net worth after being part of bitcoin in its early years and creating two of the most successful altcoins on the blockchain (Steemit and Bitshares)? Not to mention his stake in Block.One and the future success of EOS? While no one knows for sure, it’s estimated Dan Larimer’s net worth between $500,000,000.00 to $1 billion mostly invested in platforms he’s helped create.

Old pic of young Crypto Legends Dan Larimer (left) and Vitalik Buterin inventor of Ethereum (Bitcoin 2.0)

If the EOS protocol becomes successful and takes over Etherium currently trading over 10x its value, Dan Larimer could easily become a Blockchain Billionaire by the end of this year. If it turns out Dan Larimer really is Satoshi Nakamoto and inventor of the original Bitcoin, then he also holds the private keys to over 1.1 million bitcoin (currently worth $10 billion) sitting in a virtual wallet that hasn’t been touched since 2009.

The list of who Satoshi Nakamoto might be is growing as fast as the legend itself including Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, Craig Wright, Charles Hoskins, Dorian Nakamoto, Roger Ver (just kidding) and Galvin Andresen to name just a few. While the world may never know, one thing’s for sure, everyone will someday know who Dan Larimer is. 

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