Wicked Tuna Cast Net Worth

Cast on Wicked Tuna Net Worth

The Wicked Tuna Show is one of National Geographics most successful reality TV shows now going into its seventh season. With the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna prices reaching over $10,000.00 per fish in some cases, the competition is fierce with the dwindling supplies in the Ocean. Did you know the numbers of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is down over 80% since the 1970’s? With strict regulations for fishing Bluefin Tuna to just a few weeks per year, the Stars on Wicked Tuna based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, are as competitive as they come. How much does the cast on Wicked Tuna make from the show for each episode? How much is the Wicked Tuna cast net worth grown because of fishing highly prized Bluefin Tuna? Is Wicked Tuna fake or is the show really real?

The PinWheel Captain Tyler McLaughlin Net Worth

Tyler McLaughlin is captain of The Pin Wheel, a 35 ft, fishing vessel featured on Wicked Tuna since Season 2. Tyler’s the youngest Captian featured on the Wicked Tuna Reality Show along with his high school buddies for his crew. Why has Tyler McLaughlin become one of the most famous Captains on Wicked Tuna? It’s because the young PinWheel Captain doesn’t hold any punches both on and off camera. You just never know what’s going to happen that make’s the PinWheel so interesting to watch.

The PinWheel and Tyler McLaughlin’s been on Wicked Tuna longer than all the other vessels with the exception of Dave Carraro from FV-Tuna.com and Dave Marciano on Hard Merchandise commanding one of the highest salaries per episode as a result. In fishing terms, it’s like tyler’s guaranteed catching a 5-figure Bluefin Tuna Fish just having National Geographics Wicked Tuna crew aboard.  Tyler McLaughlin’s net worth is estimated over $1 million at the age of 28 years old.

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FV-Tuna Captain Dave Carraro Net Worth

Captain Dave Carraro on the FV-Tuna.com has been on the Wicked Tuna Show since day one. With 40 years experience fishing for Tuna and Cod, Dave’s 44 ft FV-Tuna vessel is always one to be reckoned with in this competitive industry. While several captains make the majority of their income during the tuna fishing season, Carraro is more financially diversified. In fact, the FV-Tuna.com business if a full-fledged Deep Sea Charter Fishing company operating throughout the year.

What happens if you’re chartering one of FV-Tuna’s boats and catch a Bluefin Tuna during its season? Congratulations, you just caught a fish potentially worth over $10,000.00, but you won’t be cashing the check. In fact, by law, the highly prized tuna fish become’s property of the fishing boat and you’ll receive 15% of the sale after they take out fuel expenses. Don’t you already pay for that when chartering the boat? If you’re lucky enough to catch a few Bluefin Tuna, well they max your potential income at $1500.00 per trip. It’s almost enough to cover the fishing charter but you’ll still be paying something for this lifetime experience.

Along with running a successful Charter Fishing Service and starring on Wicked Tuna since day one, Carraro also is a Captain for JetBlue Airlines for over 25 years. Captain Dave Carraro has an estimated net worth over $7 million from combining his love for fishing with the friendly skies.

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Hard Merchandise Captain Dave Marciano

Dave Marciano is the captain of the High Merchandise fishing vessel seen on Wicked Tuna. When the National Geographic Channel went looking for successful tuna fishing vessels in the Gloucester, MA area they didn’t have to look far finding Marciano and Hard Merchandise at the top of the list. Dave first caught the Deep Sea fishing bug while working for a charter fishing fleet named the Yankee Fleet while still in high school. After a few years, Dave successfully received his captain’s license and bought a fishing boat to steer his career doing what he loves the most, catching highly prized tuna fish. The Hard Merchandise also offers fishing charters like the FV-Tuna above, but with one major advantage.

If you catch a big enough Bluefin Tuna during the season. The Hard Merchandise Charter pay’s you 25% what the Bluefin Tuna sells for (almost double of FV-Tuna prices stated above) and maxes out with chartering the 36′ long Hard Merchandise vessel for free. It looks like Captain Dave Marciano may have the upper hand over Captain Dave Carraro when it comes to chartering a tuna boat with the opportunity of going fishing for free. Dave Marciano has a net worth currently estimated over $1 million

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The Hot Tuna Captain T.J. Ott

Bluefin Tuna fishing expert T.J. Ott is the Captain of The Hot Tuna featured on the Wicked Tuna Show. Captain Ott and the 45′ long Hot Tuna Fishing Boat’s been a staple on the reality show Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks going all the way back to Season 3.  T’J. also started commercial fishing at an early age and successfully became a Captain only 20 years old. The 45″ Hot Tuna fishing vessel’s the largest boat featured on the Wicked Tuna Show belonging to his family long before T.J. took over the captains seat.

With the Hot Tuna turned over to the 20-year-old it was financially a huge risk for the Ott Family. T.J. quickly proved he was ready for the job and been the captain of The Hot Tuna ever since. T.J. Ott has a net worth estimated around $1 million and growing with every new episode from the Wicked Tuna Show.

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The Wicked Pissah Paul Hebert

Every reality show needs a little drama and when it comes to Wicked Tuna, Paul Hebert wins hands down. Paul first started his reality star career not the captain of his fishing vessel but on the Tuna.com’s boat as the first mate. When the producers realized they needed a camera on him fulltime because you just never know what Paul’s going to do, they decided Herbert needed his own Bluefin Tuna vessel he calls The Wicked Pissah. One of the most memorable scenes from all the episodes of Wicked Tuna is when Paul and Pinwheel captain Tyler McLaughlin almost get into a fight. Was that fake or staged for that episode of Wicked Tuna? Or, perhaps the scene set up to provoke a reaction from both captains that almost went too far? Either way, it made for good TV drama and played into Paul Herbert’s role on the show.

Paul Hebert’s net worth also estimated over $1 million spending most of his time doing what he likes best, fishing. Paul caught his first Bluefin Tuna when he was only eight years old.

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Fish Hawk Captain Brad Krasowski

Brad Krasowski is the Captain of The Fish Hawk featured on Wicked Tuna Reality Show. Similar to Paul Herbert that also got his start on Wicked Tuna on another vessel, so did Brad. Krasowski comes from a history fishing his entire life and the first-mate when the Wicked Pissah joined the Wicked Tuna Show. Just like his former boss, Brad’s been promoted to Captain of his own vessel he appropriately named the Fish Hawk. Unlike most vessels on the show, the Fish Hawk’s been transformed from a cabin houseboat. It also appears to be the smallest fishing boat featured on Wicked Tuna. But when fishing for highly prized Bluefin Tuna worth thousands of dollars each, who cares how big your boat is? Just as long as you’re catching fish.

Brad Krasowski’s net worth is estimated over $500,000.00 with a considerable amount tied up in purchasing of the Fish Hawk.

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