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Tom Anderson from MySpace

At one point in 2006, Tom from MySpace, Tom Anderson, the co-founder of had over 100 million people following his famous picture. Throughout the entire time that Tom was involved with MySpace that picture never changed. That is until Anderson left the company in 2009 and the name on the account changed to T.O.M. (Today on Myspace). Interestingly, isn’t that about the time when Myspace started heading South in members and revenue? Fortunately, Tom and co-founder Chris Wolfe already sold MySpace to News Corp for $580 million in 2005 but stayed on as President for the next four years.

MySpace started in 2003 when Tom and Chris started the project to compete with Friendster, another failed attempt for a social media site. Within two years, one of the largest News Outlets made them multi-millionaires paying over a half a billion dollars for their new startup. Anderson walked away with at least $100 million and kept the role of President at the same time. Now he was also drawing a nice “guaranteed” paycheck for the next four years while Tom figured out what he wanted to do with his new fortune.

Tom from MySpace Net Worth

After leaving MySpace for good in 2009, Tom still had the majority of his net worth from the sale to News Corp. After disappearing from the Internet scene for a few years, Anderson returned with an announcement he was joining a company as an advisor called RocketFrog at the end of 2012. Ironically, Rocketfrog was a gaming app built for the up and coming social network site called FaceBook. Apparently, things didn’t work out and Tom from MySpace decided it was time for the 40 something to retire once again.

By all accounts on Tom’s FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles he’s still enjoying the good life traveling the world taking landscape photographs as his main hobby/ passion. Tom Anderson’s net worth estimated at $70 million in 2017 even after the now 47-year-old basically retired eight years ago. Just think what might’ve happened if Tom continued his path to success and became a Shark Tank Star? On the other hand, just traveling the world taking photos doesn’t sound that bad either.

Tom’s Famous Picture from MySpace

When Tom left MySpace he also wisely took his famous photo seen hundreds of millions of time with him. The general public didn’t know who Tom Anderson was, but everyone could instantly recognize the Tom from MySpace picture. It was the very first profile picture posted on the site and everyone’s new friend that joined. The now famous picture dates back to 2003, but even to this day Tom still uses it on all his social network profiles except MySpace. Why hasn’t Tom updated his picture in 14 years? Well, as he put it in a tweet “If I used a new pic it would break the internet: My pic’s been viewed more than the Mona Lisa, bitch”. Interesting tweet but yes, I guess he has a point.

MySpace Tom on FaceBook (over 1.1 million Followers)

Tom Anderson on Twitter (240,000 Followers)

MySpace Tom on Instagram (460,000 Followers)

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