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Tanked Cast The Animal Planet

Tanked is a Reality Show on the Animal Planet based on a real business Acrylic Tank Manufacturing aquariums in Las Vegas that building custom fish tanks into works of art. Several casinos, hotels, museums, theme parks, zoos, restaurants, and of course the rich and famous had some bad ass fish tanks built on the Tanked in 112 episodes over past 12 seasons. The owners of Acrylic Aquariums and reality stars on Tanked are brother-in-laws Wade King and Brett Raymer. Heather Raymer King is married to Wayde and her dad Irwin Raymer aka “The General” manages the office. It is a little confusing, but the Tanked cast certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to building aquariums. The other cast members on Tanked include Agnes Wilczynski coordinating the sales and Robert “Robbie Redneck” Christlieb the shop’s manager.

How To Get A Tanked Aquarium Built

You saw Tanked on the Animal Planet and you want Acrylic Tank Manufacturing to build a custom fish aquarium for you? Well, you’re in luck if you have a big enough pocketbook and a little bit of time. The Tanked cast can build aquarium from 200 to over a million gallons and everything in between. Simply fill out a detailed form on their website and they’ll have an estimate within a matter of days. Getting a custom aquarium built, however, may take some time as the Tanked crew is as busy as ever. Who knows, your aquarium might even be featured on the Shark Tank Show, er, I mean the Tanked Show.

Wayde King Net Worth

Wayde King is the CEO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing on one of the main reality stars on Tanked. When King first moved to Las Vegas from Brooklyn, NY, he landed a job at an aquarium manufacturing company. With the knowledge building custom tanks, it wasn’t long before ATM was the largest custom aquarium maker in Las Vegas. King needed help growing the “Tanked” business to the next level and called his good friend Brett Raymer. Not only did Wayne King get a new business partner, He also married Brett’s sister Heather. How much is Wayde King’s Net Worth now? Wayde and Heather King has a net worth over $8 million and continues to grow with the success of the “Tanked” Reality Show seen on the Animal Planet.

Brett Raymer Net Worth

Brett Rayner is the COO and co-owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las Vegas, Nevada. It wasn’t long after the “Tanked” star heard about the success his friend, Wayde King was having building custom fish tanks, that Rayner moved to Las Vegas. Soon after Brett’s sister Heather (now Wayde’s wife) and their father Irwin aka The General also moved to Vegas to join the Tanked building business. Acrylic Manufacturing Company’s now the largest custom aquarium builders in the country with several tanks costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. How much is Brett Raymer’s net worth? Brett Raymer also has a net worth over $8 million and loves living the Reality Star lifestyle.

Irwin Raymer “The General” Net Worth

Irwin Raymer aka The General is the money man and manager for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. When the economy crashed in 2008, business for custom aquariums went down the tank, literally. That’s when Brett Rayner came up with the idea for “Tanked” Reality Show. They just needed an investor and that’s where Irwin “The General” Raymer stepped in to finance this questionable investment.fortunatelyy for The General, the payoff was huge with the Tanked Reality Show becoming an instant success. Irwin Raymer’s net worth is estimated at $5 million and lives in a mansion in Las Vegas with his son, wife, and grandchildren enjoying the good life.

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