Georges St-Pierre Net Worth

Georges St-Pierre (GSP)

Move over Connor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre is coming back to the UFC to regain his crown as the best and highest paid MMA fighter in history. Before most UFC Fans even heard of McGregor who’s now one of the richest athletes in all sports, it was GSP breaking all the PPV records. When GSP retired at the end of 2013, he was by far the biggest draw in UFC raking in almost 1 million PPV buys. The average PPV buy’s in 2013 when St. Pierre wasn’t competing was a paltry 300,000 tickets sold. Georges went into semi-retirement with a 24 – 2 record after defeating Johny Hendricks with an estimated net worth topping $25 million.

UFC president Dana White was already counting the countless millions of dollars a match between their new superstar Connor McGregor and then retired GSP would bring in for the company. They flew St-Pierre in from Canada for the Mcgregor vs Nate Diez fight in preparation to announce the first ever super fight between it’s two greatest stars. All Connor had to do was beat Diez that took the fight on a few weeks notice while still on vacation. The greatest fight in UFC History was all in place, but Nate Diez had something else in mind. To kick McGregor’s butt and send St-Pierre back into retirement.

It was perhaps the biggest upset in MMA when he stunned the owner’s plans. Nate simply told the entire world “I’m not surprised Mother Uckers”. Without a shot at a super fight potentially worth over $10 million, Georges St-Pierre again went back into retirement.

Georges St-Pierre Net Worth

Before St-Pierre went into semi-retirement he was earning $200,000 just to show up and an additional $200,000 if he won the fight. That’s not a bad payday most UFC fighters would gladly accept at the time. But because he was also the UFC’s biggest PPV draw, Georges also received a percentage of every pay-per-view ticket sold which is where the real money’s made. For instance, in UFC 158 when Georges defeated Nick Diez by unanimous decision the fight sold 950,000 PPV buys. St. Pierre reportedly made an additional $3 to $5 for every ticket sold. In addition,

Georges also had several endorsements deals with companies like Bacardi, Under Armour, NOS energy drink, 888poker, Affliction and Electronic Arts bringing in an additional $2 million per event. When combined, Georges was making $5 to $7 million per UFC event when he retired. Georges St-Pierre net worth was estimated $25 – $30 million at that time.

Georges St-Pierre Salary

So how do you get a multi-millionaire and one of the greatest fighters of all time to step back into the octagon after a four-year hiatus? A huge pile of Money. The UFC fan base has grown exponentially since his retirement which guarantees Georges will make substantially more with the right opponent. St Pierre’s first fight since retiring is with Michael Bisping at UFC 217 on November 4, 2017. While Bisping is a huge draw in his own right, it’s certainly not the super fight a McGregor vs St-Pierre would bring to the sport. That IMO would be on par with the McGregor vs Mayweather boxing match currently holding the highest grossing PPV event ever. Will Bisping also ruin the UFC owners plans for their two superstars to fight like Diez did?

While Georges St-Pierre’s net worth is currently estimated at $30 million before rejoining the UFC, He could easily double his net worth with only three more fights. No doubt the UFC is giving him (guaranteeing him) a substantial increase in salary just to show up for UFC 217 whether he wins or not.  First St Pierre needs to beat Bisping who also has an impressive record and then defend the belt at least once before he’ll get a chance to fight McGregor. That is if McGregor doesn’t disappear first with a $100 million already sitting in the bank. How much is enough money to finally retire from the UFC for good? Well, apparently $30 million isn’t enough, especially if you can double your net worth with just three more fights over the next few years.

UFC 217

Fortunately for Georges St-Pierre, the UFC 217 card on November 4, 2017, is stacked with exciting fights the Fans will definitely want to pay to watch. In addition to the Georges St-Pierre vs. Michael Bisping headline fight, other title fights include Cody Garbrandt vs. TJ Dillashaw, Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Rose Namajunas, and Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal. Combined they should easily do over 1 million PPV’s that’ll be St Pierre’s biggest payday whether he wins or not.

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