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Diesel Brothers Net Worth

The Diesel Brother’s is the hit show on The Discovery Channel in Season 3 and still giving away free custom diesel trucks. Diesel Brother’s Reality Show centers around a real automotive shop called DieselSellerz in Woodscross, Utah customizing badass diesel trucks into works of art. The owners of Diesel Sellerz are partners Dave Sparks, aka Heavy D, and Diesel Dave. With a modest beginning, the two Dave’s looking almost like brothers soon had a reputation for quality custom builds and hired two more bearded diesel mechanics Josh Stewart aka Red Beard and The Muscle. Together the four bearded diesel mechanics co-hosts the Diesel Brothers Show with a genius marketing plan that pays for giving away six-figure one-of-a-kind custom diesel trucks. Now, why didn’t Danny Koker from Counting Cars think of that?

Win A Diesel Brothers Truck Giveaway

So how can you win a custom truck built by the Diesel Brother’s? It’s simple. All you have to do is buy any products the Diesel Brother’s sell on their websites. For every $5 you spend you’re given one chance in the drawing. If for example, you buy $1000 worth of parts and accessories for your own custom build, you’d also receive 200 chance’s to win the next custom truck they’re giving away. The cheapest item found on DieselPowerGear website was a few decals for $10 each. Wouldn’t that be something to buy a decal and win $100,000.00+ custom diesel truck to put it on? Obviously, if you win the Diesel Brother’s Truck Giveaway you’ll also be on the Show and required to pay the taxes that come along with such a generous and expensive gift.

Heavy D Net Worth

Dave Sparks aka Heavy D is the co-founder of DieselSellerz and considered the Boss when it comes to business on the Diesel Brothers Reality Show. Heavy D and business partner Diesel Dave have been friends for most of their lives both growing up in Military Families and both share the same Mormon religion growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah. In fact, both Dave’s were sent on a two-year Mormon mission together to South America and Portugal when they turned 19 years old. The Diesel Brother’s story is a classic American Dream Story how the two partners built a successful empire doing what they love best, building badass custom diesel trucks. Both Heavy D and Diesel Dave are also now accomplished authors with their new book “The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin Awesome Guide To Trucks and Life”

The Diesel Brother’s Success Story is a classic American Dream how the two partners built a successful empire doing what they love best, building badass custom diesel trucks. Both Heavy D and Diesel Dave also are accomplished authors with their new book The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin’ Awesome Guide to Trucks and Life that’s quickly becoming a Best Seller. It’s an inspirational success story well worth reading how the Diesel Brothers first began. Heavy D net worth is estimated over $2 million and climbing as fast as the show’s ratings. So far, DieselSellerz has given away a dozen super customized diesel trucks worth in excess of a million dollars and counting.

Diesel Brothers Success

Diesel Dave’s Net Worth

Dave Kiley aka Diesel Dave is, of course, Heavy D’s partner in DieselSellerz shop and co-star on the Diesel Brother’s Reality Show. The two Dave’s first met at a singles church event, but it wasn’t finding dates that brought the two future entrepreneurs together. It was diesel, literally. It turns out Heavy D accidentally put gas in his diesel truck that night and Dave helped siphon it out. Hench, Diesel Dave was born. Little did they know they’d soon be sent halfway around the world together and form a lifelong bond.

If there’s one motto Dave lives by is simply having a great time. If that include’s a few pranks (every day) then so be it, that’s the Diesel Dave way and probably won’t change anytime soon. Diesel Dave’s net worth has skyrocketed in recent years with the success of Diesel Brothers Show and worth at least $2 million.

Red Beard Net Worth

Josh Stewart aka Red Beard is the Money Man on the Diesel Brothers Reality Show and best known for his negotiating skills. Red Beard first met Diesel Dave and Heavy D prior to DieselSellerz opening for business. It didn’t take the two Dave’s long figuring out they needed an experienced entrepreneur and money man if the business was to succeed in a major way. Red Beard had already built up and sold several successful businesses and was a perfect fit for the Diesel Brother’s new venture.

If you want to buy a Diesel Sellerz build or design a custom truck for you then you’ll be dealing with the Money Man Red Beard himself. Stewart warns, however, they have a backlist 9 to 12 months for the Diesel Brother’s to even take a look at your project. Red Beard’s net worth is estimated over $500,000.00 and growing with the success of their Reality Show now in its 3rd Season.

The Muscle’s Net Worth

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle gets his name from being a fitness instructor before becoming a part of the Diesel Brother’s Brand. The Muscle, like all the bearded crew, is from Utah and grew up working on diesel trucks. Hoskin’s first met Diesel Dave in Junior High School and have been Friends ever since. The Muscle mostly made a living as a personal trainer, but that all changed when his school buddy came calling with a crazy idea that would Keaton’s financial life. Diesel Dave offered Keaton an opportunity of a lifetime building over-the-top custom diesel trucks anyway they want and then giving some of them away. It wasn’t long before The Muscle was introduced to Heavy D and The Red Beard and the rest, as they say, is history. The Muscle’s net worth is estimated over $500,000.00 and perhaps a lot more as the success of Diesel Brother’s Reality Show continues to grow.

Diesel Brothers Lawsuit

It appears not everyone loves the Diesel Brother’s Custom Trucks. The Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment is suing the Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brother’s DBA DieselSellerz Shop for violating the Federal Clean Air Act and the Utah State Implementation Plan. If the lawsuit is successful, the Diesel Brother’s Business could pay a penalty of $37,500 to $93,000 “PER DAY” for all the vehicle’s they own, previously owned, or built in the State of Utah. What? Just the very first custom truck DieselSellerz gave away in 2013 would be enough to bankrupt their entire company at these rates. The suits also asking an additional $100,000.00 for air quality mitigation projects just to (apparently) make sure.

As you might expect, the Diesel Brother’s isn’t taking the lawsuit lightly and lawyered-up after the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment declined the Bearded Brother’s invitation to visit their shop before filing the lawsuit. The Diesel Brother’s deny their trucks were modified as the Utah Physicians alleges and look forward to clearing their reputation. If anything else, it’s made Diesel Brothers more famous because all four Reality Stars are named in the suit. Stay tuned for an update soon.

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