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Curse of Oak Island Cast Net Worth

The story how The Curse of Oak Island became one of History Channels most successful reality shows is as interesting as the treasure hunting dating back over 200 years. Untold millions of dollars have been sunk into Oak Island along with several deaths attributed to searching for its hidden treasure worth potentially billions in today’s dollars. Dan Blankenship and David Tobias bought the 140 acre Oak Island including rights to the famous Money Pit back in 1965 and devoted their lives to uncovering one of the greatest hidden mystery treasure’s yet to be discovered.

After 50 years treasure hunting on Oak Island finding new clues but no treasure, David Tobias decides to sell. Interestingly, with stories about the curse of Oak Island’s treasure now firmly in place, the highest bidder was a real estate developer with likeminded plans for Oak Islands future. Dan Blankenship wasn’t ready to quit and made a deal with brothers Marty and Rick Lagina buying Tobias’s share of Oak Island. It was for less money, but a commitment they’d continue hunting for the hidden treasure yet to be found.

Who Owns Oak Island Now?

In 2005, the privately owned 140 acres Oak Island with the famous Money Pit was valued around $7 million. While the terms of the deal remain private, Marty and Rick Lagina bought approx. 50% with Blankenship owning the remainder of the island’s property. Since that time, Oak Island’s still 100% privately owned mostly by the company “Oak Island Tours Inc” holding a controlling interest. The five owners of Oak Island Tours include the Lagina Brothers, Dan Blankenship, Alan Kostrzewa, and Craig Tester. A small group of private investors also own approx. 20% of the Island.


Marty Lagina Net Worth

Marty Lagina is the single largest investor buying Oak Island and spending millions of dollars looking for its hidden treasure. The story how Marty and his older brother Rick would pretend they’re searching for the Oak Island treasure as kids is now a reality seen on The Curse of Oak Island Show. Marty worked as a petroleum engineer for Amaco before starting the very successful Terra Energy in 1981. Terra Energy developed shale gas resources all over Michigan and soon became the State’s largest producer. In 1995, Lagina sold Terra Energy to CMS for a reported $58 million.

It wasn’t long after the sale the Lagina Brother’s started reminiscing about their fascination and the mysteries about Oak Island when growing up. With tens of millions sitting in the bank, Marty, and Rick took a trip to Oak Island in hopes of meeting the famous Dan Blankenship and possibly forming a treasure hunting partnership. While friendly at first, Dan decides it’s time to get back to work and abruptly gets up and walks away from the wannabe Oak Island treasure hunters. They didn’t talk to Blankenship for another dozen years.

Marty’s started several businesses including founding Heritage Sustainable Energy with a co-host on the Curse of Oak Island, Craig Tester. Heritage Sustainable Energy’s one of the largest renewable power companies in Michigan powering over 60,000 home’s every year.

Marty Lagina net worth estimated over $120 million, not including his share of the treasure’s still buried under Oak Island.


Rick Lagina Net Worth

Rick Lagina fascination started at the age of 11 years old when he read an article in Reader’s Digest in January 1965, “Oak Island’s Mysterious Money Pit” the same article inspiring Dan Blankenship and David Tobias to eventually buy the island. The brothers would spend several hours playing in the forest pretending they’re hunting for treasure on Oak Island. By all accounts, it’s Rick Lagina’s determination with solving the mystery’s on Oak Island that’s keeping this dream alive. You might even say if it wasn’t for Rick there would’ve never been the Curse Of Oak Island Reality Show.

Rick first started out as a U.S. postal worker where he retired and starting several small businesses since that time. Now going into its 5th Season, Rick’s also the producer for the Curse Of Oak Island on The History Channel. After five seasons filming the show will this be the year the Lagina Brother’s childhood dream finally becomes a reality? There may be new clues on Season 5 premiere of The Curse Of Oak Island Tuesday, November 7, that’ll change the net worth of all owners of Oak Island in the near future.

Rick Lagina net worth is estimated over $5 million with a nice nest egg for his share of Oak Island.


the Money Pit at Oak Island

Dan Blankenship Net Worth

Without question, Dan Blankenship, age 92, knows more about Oak Island and it’s unsolved mystery after spending over 50 years living on the island. After reading the same article in 1965 Reader’s Digest that inspired the Lagina Brothers, He soon moved his family there to stake their claim. With countless treasure hunters dating back to 1795, wealthy businessmen, and even President Rosevelt loosing millions trying to solve the mystery of The Money Pit, what made Dan Blankenship different? He’s never given up after 50 years with a different philosophy than most. Dan’s been convinced for many years that whatever treasure someone went to great lengths to hide isn’t buried inside the Money Pit which he thinks is a sophisticated diversion. Blankenship thinks the real treasure might be buried somewhere else on the 140-acre island.

When Dan Blankenship uprooted his family while running a successful contracting business, some questioned his sanity. Whether Dan ever finds the hidden treasure on Oak Island or not, one thing’s for sure. The mysteries of Oak Island will continue to grow and the island’s property value will continue to rise.

Dan Blankenship’s net worth is estimated over $3 million mostly from his share he owns on Oak Island.


Craig Tester Net Worth

Craig Tester got involved in Oak island, not because of childhood dreams, but from his roommate in college Marty Lagina. After college Tester and Lagina became business partners in Terra Energy they sold in 1995 for $58 million. Craig didn’t initially get involved buying a stake in Oak Island when the Lagina Brothers invested. He was soon convinced something’s there and invested his wealth and extensive experience in drilling and earth scans. Very few digging operations on Oak Island get done without Tester’s professional input.

After the successful sale of Terra Energy, Craig Tester started another business with Marty Lagina called Heritage Sustainable Energy. They both made their first fortune’s drilling oil and gas and then in sustainable energy to make their second fortunes. The quest solving Oak island’s mysteries isn’t so much an investment as it is an expensive hobby for wealthy multi-millionaires. But the investment and opportunity discovering potentially the largest treasure ever found could someday pay huge dividends.

Craig Tester’s net worth is estimated over $30 million and continues to grow with the legend of Oak Island.

David Blankenship Net Worth

David Blankenship is the son of Dan Blankenship and shares the same dreams solving the mysteries of Oak Island. David’s spent the majority of his life on Oak Island growing up helping his dad treasure hunting. With his father approaching his 90’s when the producer’s of The History Channel was pitching for a new reality show, it was David that took the lead for the Blankenship’s interests. Blankenship was involved in a workplace accident several years ago causing limited mobility. But he’s continued his life-long dream solving the mysteries of Oak Island and uncovering perhaps the greatest treasure ever found.

David Blankenship’s net worth estimated over $2 million including his share of Oak Islands property and assets.


Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Premiere November 5, 2017, on The History Channel 

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