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Stephen Colbert Net Worth – The Late Show

After replacing David Letterman as the host of The Late Show in September 2015, how much is Stephen Colbert net worth now? Surprisingly, not as much as it could have been if Colbert didn’t take a pay cut to take over Letterman’s coveted spot on CBS. Currently, Stephan Colbert’s net worth is at least $40 million before his first 3-year contract hosting the show ends. When Letterman retired from The Late Show, he was making $20 million per year just from the show. When Colbert took over, CBS reportedly signed him for only $4.6 million per year for the first three years.

Why would Stephen Colbert agree to such a steep pay cut compared to Letterman’s salary for essentially doing the same job? Furthermore, why would he leave Comedy Central where he reportedly made $6 million per year and move to a major network paying $1.4 million less? Well, when you have a net worth over $40 million, it’s not that big of a deal. Especially if The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

If The Late Show with Stephen Colbert even comes close to David Letterman’s ratings (which will be hard to beat) during the first three years, then expect Colbert’s net worth to increase with his new contract with CBS drastically. Would you take a pay cut for three years with the opportunity to more than triple your income in the future? Considering we’re talking about the only late night show competing against The Tonight Show, sometimes it’s not always about the money.

Stephen Colbert vs. Donald Trump

If there’s one sure-fire way to boost TV ratings is just try picking on our President Donald Trump on National TV. If you’re REALLY Lucky, you’ll get President Trump to respond on Twitter that’ll most likely make headline news around the world. That’s what Stephen Colbert’s been trying to do lately on The Late Show. I guess that’s one way to boost the late night ratings, but at what cost?

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, He’s our President and IMO deserves a certain amount of respect. Surprisingly, the President has yet to respond about Colbert’s Monologue (yet), but the hashtag #FireColbert spread like wildfire across social media. It was, perhaps, not the best long-term strategy for the host’s career on a major network, but Stephen Colbert’s standing behind his joke’s on The Late Show.


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