Fixer Upper: Behind The Design – Joanna Gains

Fixer Upper: Behind The Design with Joanna Gaines

Did Chip Gain’s get the boot on HGTV’s new Fixer Upper: Behind The Design with his wife Joanna Gains? The new Real Estate Reality Show is a spinoff of the famous couple’s Fixer Upper Show mostly showing behind-the-scenes about some of their most memorable episodes. Only this time Chip’s noticeably absent during most of the Show (at least during the Pilot Episode). Oh no, where did Chip go?

How could Joanna Gain’s host a new show about their old show without her husband Chip? Well, let’s just say it’s time to get a little more serious going Behind The Designs with Joanna when it comes to the Fixer Upper couple’s final decisions. Now for all the hardcore Chip Gains Fans, the new Fixer Upper: Behind The Design Show has plenty of behind-the-scenes Chip being Chip, but for the most part, Joanna narrates most of the show.

Behind The Scene’s with Joanna Gains Gaines of ‘Fixer Upper’ on Her Own: ‘Behind the Design’ |® While there’s no word yet on when this new show will air or how often, HGTV was kind enough to run the half-hour pilot episode this week to lift our spirits and give us hope in the wake of our “Fixer Upper” doldrums . This spinoff has Joanna front and center, but fear not: Chip butts in for comic relief with stunts like obsessing over bubble wrap and getting jealous when Joanna works with a design assistant (interloper alert!).

All couple drama aside, though, the show’s main M.O. is to look back at highlights in previous episodes of “Fixer Upper,” with some new insider perspective. In other words, rather than flashing before-and-after pics along with a few clips of Jo poring over blueprints and Chip hammering nails, “Behind the Design” answers the questions that many viewers are curious to know: How on Earth did they really pull that together?

Fixer Upper Spinoff

If The Property Brothers and Flip or Flop can have multiple spinoffs, then why can’t Fixer Upper, the highest rating show on HGTV also benefit from their success? That’s a great question, and one HGTV answered with extraordinary results. When narrating Behind The Design’s new show, it only requires one voice. In this case, its Joannas voice (Sorry Chip but I think you got whipped, or have been for a long time 🙂 you hear for most of their new show. Chip does, however, still occasionally goof around, but for the most part, it’s Joanna Gains going behind The Designs on some of their most memorable fixer upper projects.

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