Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Prince Michael Blanket Jackson net worth drastically increased when his late father Michael Jackson’s song library just sold for over $1.7 billion. Blanket Jackson along with brother Prince and sister Paris will each receive at least $250 million each from this sale over the course of the next 25 years. Unfortunately, none of Michael Jackson’s Kid’s can touch the majority of this part of the inheritance until they turn 30 years old. But don’t feel too bad for the 15-year-old teenager (now known as Bigi Jackson) because Blanket Jackson net worth estimated over $100 million even before the sale of the Sony catalog sale.

Why Did Blanket Change His Name To Bigi?

After Michael Jackson had passed away Blanket (Bigi), Prince, and Paris all started attending Private Schools instead of being Homeschooled. Until that time the kid’s lived a private life with little contact with their peers. But even in private schools kid’s still bully and make fun of other kids even when your Dad’s the most Famous Pop Star on the Planet. For obvious reason’s Blanket outgrew the name and now goes by Bigi Jackson.

With sister Paris just signing a multi-million dollar Modeling Contract and older brother Prince having a passion for producing, what’s Blanket, err I mean Bigi interested in doing with his life? While Bigi’s only 15 years old and still in Highschool, He seems more interested just being an average kid as he should be at this stage in his life. According to Blanket’s FaceBook Page, He’s having a great time just being a teenager and not worrying about being rich and famous.

Bigi Jackson does, however, has a passion for wild animals just like his Dad. Growing up with a Zoo in the backyard at Michael Jackson’s Never Never Ranch probably has lot’s to do with Bigi wanting to work with wild animals when he gets a little older. Who knows what the future holds for him, but it’s good to see Michael Jackson’s youngest child has a bright future ahead of him.

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