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How much is Ariel Helwani net worth after covering Mixed Martial Arts for the past ten years? Currently, Ariel Helwani’s net worth is over $2 million but almost lost his fortune in a single night. It’s hard to believe UFC would even consider banning the #1 reporter covering their sport. But that’s exactly what they did last year on June 4, 2016, during the UFC 196 when he was escorted out of the event.

Ariel’s – Wikipedia On June 4, 2016, Helwani and two colleagues were escorted out of UFC 199 before the main event. He said their press credentials were taken and they were banned for life from all UFC events. He earlier reported the return of Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, hours before UFC announced it on the broadcast, without notifying UFC first. UFC spokesman Dave Sholler said such reporting was against standard practice. According to UFC commentator Joe Rogan, Helwani was asked to not report this news, as management suspected a mole had leaked it to him and, without knowing who it was, would then have to fire all possible moles. Through Twitter, Helwani called Rogan’s story “100% inaccurate.

Who would’ve thought a story about Brock Lesner could bring down Ariel Helwani, one of the most recognized reporters covering MMA? Fortunately, Helwani has a huge fan base including several fighters themselves. The UFC ultimately made the right decision and gave back his credentials that in hindsight, helped propel Ariel Helwani’s career to a brand new level. Nowadays, you’re not even considered a major contender if you haven’t been interviewed by Ariel on MMA Fighting Show first.

Ariel Helwani Interviews Nate Diez

Ariel just published a new interview with Nate Diez on his podcast show. If you’re a Diez Fan, you’ll want to listen to the 90-minute long podcast covering a variety of subjects. Who could get Nate Diez opening up and talking on camera that long? Even about a few things Nate probably shouldn’t have been talking about? Only the six-time winner of the “MMA Journalist of the Year” award and a personal friend of the Diez Brothers.

Did you know Nate’s not fighting for UFC in 2017 and taking his Triathalon career to the next level instead? The only way the Diez Brothers are fighting this year is if Dana White convinces the new owners of the UFC to pay them several millions of dollars, each.

Ariel’s MMA Fighting Podcast

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