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How Much Is Vanna White Worth?

Vanna White is one of the highest paid Reality Stars on TV with perhaps the best gig of them all, looking good while flipping letters on the Wheel Of Fortune Show. After 35 years hosting one of the most successful game shows with co-host Pat Sajak, Vanna White has a net worth over $50 million. Vanna White, turned 50 years old in 2017, (born February 18, 1957) and looks just as good when she made her first appearance on Wheel of Fortune for the first time.

Vanna White on The Price Is Right

How did Vanna White land the high paying letter flipping job (career) on the Wheel Of Fortune Show? No, it wasn’t because she was already Famous, although Vana White was previously a model, but first discovered on the Price is Right. White, only 23 years old when she just moved to Los Angeles, went to a taping of the Show and was chosen in the first round of contestants.

Vanna had six opportunities to get on stage with Bob Barker and win some cool prizes on The Price Is Right. You just know White correctly guessed one of the six correct prices and then won the grand prize helping launch her TV career, right? Wrong! Vanna struck out every time but still managed to get plenty of television time down in the bidding box.

At one point during the show, Bob Barker say’s to the young Vanna White, “You’re so busy looking at yourself in the monitor, you don’t know what’s going on” while waiting for her to bid. Little did Bob, Vanna and the rest of the world realize Merv Griffin, the creator of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy was paying close attention that same monitor.

White’s appearance on the Price Is Right was in 1980, and two years later, was cast on Wheel Of Fortune replacing Susan Stafford.

Vanna White Bio and Wiki Information

Vanna White – Wikipedia White dated Chippendales-dancer-turned-actor John Gibson in the 1980s, and they eventually became engaged. In 1986, Gibson was killed in a plane crash. During White’s absence to mourn his death, former hostess Susan Stafford reappeared on Wheel of Fortune for a week of episodes.[citation needed]

White married restaurant owner George Santo Pietro in December 1990. To accommodate her wedding, White was absent from Wheel of Fortune for two weeks of episodes that aired in January 1991; Tricia Gist substituted for her.[5] White first became pregnant in September 1992, and announced her pregnancy on an episode of Wheel of Fortune where “Vanna’s pregnant” was the answer to a puzzle. She miscarried shortly after the episode’s taping.[6] White later had a son, Nicholas, born in 1994[7] and a daughter, Giovanna (Gigi), born in 1997,[8] from her marriage to Santo Pietro. The couple divorced in November 2002.


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