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H3H3 Productions, aka Vape Nation, a popular YouTube Channel by Ethan and Hila Klein, just scored a rare behind-the-scenes interview with the man, the myth, the legend, Tai Lopez. Compared to some other videos including Matt Hosseinzadeh video he’s suing them for because they made fun of him, the Tai Lopez video is rather tame. What make’s the Lopez interview so interesting is the amount of information Ethan finally gets Tai to reveal on camera.

When Ethan and Hila Klein went to the “Hey, I’m Here In My Garage” mansion, the first thing you see is Tai reading a book as if he’s filming another 67 Steps To Success commercial. Perhaps that part was staged for the video, but the three Lawyer’s lurking in the background was certainly no joke. Why would Lopez have three attorneys talking into his ear through a wireless device while being interviewed by Ethan Klein? Considering we’re talking about H3H3 Productions known for making comical type videos, why was Lopez extra cautious being interviewed by Ethan the Vape Nation guy?

Ethan Get’s Tai Lopez To Open Up

Somehow, some way Ethan still get’s Tai to reveal lot’s of new information people have been wondering about ever since the Hey, Here In My Garage Guy appeared all over YouTube. For starters, Tai admits he doesn’t own any of the Ferraris or Rolls Royce sitting in the now famous garage but leases them instead. The H3H3 Productions star boldly went snooping in the glove box’s for the registrations, and it appears only one of the Ferraris was actually in Tai Lopez’s name.

Not that having only one Ferrari’s a bad thing, but it was Tai’s expression and almost surprising look before making sure the camera got a close-up with his name on the registration. Who owns (leases) the other Super Cars parked in the garage made famous on YouTube? Surprisingly, that was one question Ethan never asked Lopez during their interview.

Ethan also get’s Lopez to talk about his mansion where most of his videos are produced. There are several videos on YouTube showing the same home on a real estate site for sale or lease and have called Tai Lopez a scam or a fraud because the videos were fake. Well, guess what? Tai Lopez and company were the one’s that leased the mansion and still live there to this day.

If it wasn’t for H3H3 Productions finally getting Tai to talk about a few subjects in a way he never has before, we might’ve never known the reason why the mansion and the sports cars are all leased. It’s because of “knowledge” and what he’s learned from his Super Wealthy Friends.

H3H3 Productions Lawsuit with Matt Hosszone

The H3H3 Productions lawsuit with Matt Hosszone will determine new “Fair Use Content Laws for YouTube” if Ethan and Hila Klein lose this important case. The Klein’s have made several videos making sarcastic type jokes about other YouTube Channels shown to their 3,750,000 subscribers. Just getting mentioned on an H3H3 Production video is guaranteed to get your channel noticed with lot’s of viewers coming your way. That also includes crappy channels benefiting from free publicity, and in the case of the Matt Hosszone video.

Why would Matt Hosszone sue Ethan and Hila Klein in a lawsuit they’ve so far spent a few hundred thousand dollars to defend? While the Judge has yet to make a final ruling in the lawsuit, the YouTube Community has spoken loud and clear. Another popular YouTube Star, Philip DeFranco, started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe helping raise over $170,000.00 to fight this seemingly bogus lawsuit. To our knowledge, Matt Hoss hasn’t raised a single dime from the YouTube community helping pay for his lawsuit. He’s also been losing a steady stream of subscribers since suing the Kleins, while the H3h3 Productions Channel has exploded with new subscribers showing their support.

H3H3 Productions Sued for Reaction Video in Unprecedented Abuse of YouTube Fair Use – CraveOnline

http://www.craveonline.com/design/993021-h3h3productions-sued-reaction-video-unprecedented-abuse-youtube-fair-usePopular YouTube channel h3h3Productions being sued for a reaction video they uploaded to their channel, in what is yet another example of YouTube’s Fair Use policies being openly abused by third-parties. h3h3Productions Sued for Reaction Video in Unprecedented Abuse of YouTube Fair Use



What does Matt Hoss have to say about the Lawsuit with H3H3 and Ethan and Hila Klein?

While it took several months for Matt to make a statement to his fleeting subscribers, this was his response.

Ethan and Hila Kleins Net Worth

While Ethan and Hila’s net worth has taken a dramatic hit since the lawsuit began, they still have plenty of money to weather this storm. That is if they don’t lose the copyright lawsuit and have to pay Matt Hosszone a substantial amount of money for making fun of his stupid video. It’s mind-boggling the case has got to this point. Fortunately, with the help of the GoFundMe Fund and YouTube paying Ethan and Hila a substantial amount of money for over 570,000,000 views on just one of their channels, the couple’s doing just fine. Ethan and Hila Klein’s net worth estimated over $700,000.00 before the final verdict in the lawsuit.

Ethan and Hila are now making a good enough living producing YouTube videos they shut their Patreon account down. Who shuts’s down a Patreon account paying them over $3500.00 from 1600 Loyal Fans? Well, Ethan and Hila did, and I think that speaks volumes who they are both on and off their YouTube channels.

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