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Flipping Vegas – Scott and Amie Yancy

Flipping Vegas is a real Estate Show on A&E featuring Scott and Amie Yancy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott and Amie are both Real Estate Agents for their Brokerage Firm “Goliath Company” offering a variety of real estate needs. Whether you want to sell a fixer-upper property in a quick sell or have a piece of land you’d like to flip, Yancy’s Brokerage Firm can take care of all your needs.

The Flipping Vegas Real Estate Show first premiered August 2010, with Yancy’s buying, fixing up and flipping some of the most depressed properties in the Vegas area. Unlike other Real Estate Shows like Fixer Upper of Flip or Flop spending more money fixing up their properties, the Vegas stars flip houses on a tight budget and an even tighter renovation deadlines.

Flipping Vegas Scott Yancey and his wife, interior designer Amie Yancey, purchase low-priced houses in the Las Vegas Valley through their real estate brokerage, Goliath Company. The houses are renovated with a low budget and schedule in order to be sold as soon as possible, a process known as flipping.

 Flipping Vegas Episode’s

The Flipping Vegas Show filmed a total of 41 episode’s produced over five seasons on A&E TV. While Scott and Amie certainly added plenty of drama to every house flipped during the Show, it sometimes makes you wonder if that’s really their reality. Some folks even questioned if Flipping Vegas was fake and staged for the reality show with seemingly “perfect” stages items (or recurring problems) always found as if on Que. In one such episode, a brick was thrown through a window during renovations adding to plenty of “excess” drama during the Show.

While Scott and Amie’s Flipping Vegas Show didn’t stand the test of time, they did, however, revolutionize the Real Estate Shows following in their footsteps including Flipping Boston and Flipping Miami. If they only focused more on the renovations process and less on staged drama, the show might have survived the now stiff competition.

Flipping Vegas Seminars

With the success of Flipping Vegas, the Yancy’s decided to get into the real estate seminars game similar to the El Moussa’s. Both real estate investment seminars offer free courses on how you can invest like the pros. After they have you convinced you’ll make a million bucks by the end of the month, you’ll gladly pay $2000.00 for a three-day seminar to learn the tricks of the trade to become a successful investor. But wait, there’s more. After you’ve completed the course, it’s time to really get serious and take your new career to the next level of learning. The professional real estate workshop’s cost $30,000.00, and $40,000.00 to $80,000.00 for the Flip or Flop advanced training courses.

Flipping Vegas Net Worth

The Flipping Vegas stars have a net worth over $7 million mostly from their “Goliath Real Estate Company” success. While the Flipping Vegas Show was considered a success at the time the Yancy’s reportedly made less than $500,000.00 filming 41 episodes. Considering they’re only paid $10 grand per episode, they could make three times that amount signing up one person for their master real estate course. Obviously, the majority of Flipping Vegas net worth couple comes from buying and selling real estate.

Flipping Vegas Reviews

What’s your Flipping Vegas review for this A&E Show? Did you ever watch the Show? Would you watch it again if Scott and Amie started another real estate show? Do you like the added drama and staged sets that give sometimes take away from the actual home renovations? Have you ever been to one of their real estate workshops? Did you invest in your, err, I mean their financial future? If so. please leave your review below on what you really think about A&E’s real estate reality show.

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