Flip or Flop Atlanta

Flip or Flop Atlanta

The new Flip or Flop Atlanta Reality Stars Ken and Anita Corsini, know a thing or two about flipping houses in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, the Corsini’s already flip over 100 older homes a year before the producers of Flip or Flop on HGTV came knocking on their door. What does the new Reality Stars have to say about their new series on HGTV?

Introducing HGTV’S Flip or Flop in Atlanta, Georgia. We are excited to announce the name of the flipping show we’ve been filming for HGTV will officially be titled “Flip or Flop Atlanta” joining the already very successful Flip or Flop franchise! The show is currently scheduled to air in August of 2017 … but this is always a moving target.

We filmed 13 episodes the last half of 2016 and with the original pilot episode, will have a total of 14 episodes to air. The show will showcase homes in many different Atlanta neighborhoods and sub-markets and will have quite a diversity in terms of style and price points.

After filming all 14 episodes last year, the Flip or Flop Atlanta couple recently announced their first subdivision consisting of 20 1-acre homes starting at $500,000.00 each. The Red Barn sub-division will offer barn-inspired home’s that’s designed, built and sold by Ken and Anita’s real estate company, Red Barn Homes.


Facts About Flip or Flop Atlanta’s Ken and Anita Corsini

11 Things to Know About Flip or Flop Ken and Anita Corsini from Atlanta The hosts of HGTV’s new Flip or Flop Atlanta, premiering in June 2017, have one of those “instant connection” love stories, a shhgtv.comared appreciation for goofing off, and almost two decades of stories from their post-college days until now, as they continue to build their family real estate business in the Atlanta, Georgia. Learn about the Corsinis in the new Reality TV Show on Flip or Flop Atlanta? Here are a few fun facts about Ken and Anita

In addition to starting new subdivisions, flipping homes and filming for Flip or Flop Atlanta, Ken also finds the time to run a real estate investing podcast called the “Deal Farm” available on iTunes. You can listen to some of the top real estate investors as they share their “Best Deal Ever” with host Ken Corsini. With over 100 podcasts already recorded, I’ll keep you entertained for a long, long time.

Look for the new series Flip or Flop Atlanta coming to HGYV the Fall.

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