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Sean Conlon Net Worth

How much is Sean Conlon net worth? Sean Colon is the co-host on CNBC’ Prime newest hit “The Deed” in Chicago. Unlike his co-host on “The Deed” in New Orleans, Sidney Torres, He seems to have shied away from a lot of publicity covering his accomplishments over the years. But one thing is for sure; Conlon’s has amassed a fortune successfully buying and selling real estate that made CNBC’s choice to include him on The Deed an easy decision. Sean was born across the pond in Birmingham, England, before moving to the United States in 1990. Within eight years time Colon was already a millionaire selling real estate. Today, Sean Colon new worth exceeds over $300 million.

Taking Over Chicago Real Estate Market

In 1997, Sean proved to the Chicago Real Estate market he knew exactly how to close deals selling over $60 million worth that year. In 1999, Conlon proved to the entire U.S. Real Estate market he was one of the best agents by winning multiple awards for selling over $150 million in a single year. In 2000, The Deed co-host decided to start his own real estate brokerage firm named “Sussex.” Only six years later, Sussex employed over 300 employees raking in over $1 billion annually in real estate brokerage sales. He sold his billion dollar company the same year for an undisclosed amount and drastically adding to Sean Conlon net worth.

At the same time, Conlon’s was building Sussex into one of the biggest brokerages on Chicago; He also found time to acquire Near North National Title Co in 2004 processing $5 billion worth of real estate transactions a year. He also sold that successful business in 2010 for an undisclosed record profit.

After several other smaller but profitable ventures, Sean Conlon started working with Christie’s International Real Estate in 2013. He named his new company Conlon Real Estate that’s still in business to this day.

Earlier this year in 2017, Sean just launched Conlon Capital that mostly focuses on financing commercial real estate deals.

The Deed Ratings

In the first four episodes of “The Deed” starring Sidney Torres, the ratings averaged around 275,000 viewers per episode. That’s not too bad considering some of CNBC’s other business reality shows, but is it good enough to keep The Deed on TV? Personally, I think given a little more time; this show will become one of CNBC Prime’s biggest hits. In just a few short weeks, The Deed in New Orleans has become a “must watch” reality show every Wednesday night. Will the other half of the Show, The Deed in Chicago, be just as entertaining? We’ll have to wait until this Wednesday night to find out for sure.

Watch The Deed in Chicago premiere episode “Fire on Every Floor” March 29, 2017, exclusively on CNBC.

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