Nick Nate Diaz Net Worth

Nick and Nate Diaz Net Worth

What is Nick and Nate Diaz Net Worth? After 15 years fighting in MMA and the UFC, Nick and Nate already made more money than most fighters. Have you wondered why Nick hadn’t been in the ring since the second fight with Connor McGregger last year? Or Nate hasn’t fought in the UFC since his cannabis suspension was over? It’s because they don’t have to fight anymore now that they’ve become successful entrepreneurs promoting their strains of California’s Finest high-grade medical marijuana.

What will it take to see the Diaz Brothers inside the UFC Octagon again? It’s going to take more money than Nick or Nate has ever made fighting in the UFC and enough to more than double their current net worth in a single night.

Unlike Nate’s last opponent Connor McGregor, that only cares about “the money,” the Diaz Brother’s have a higher purpose (literally) these days. In fact, Nate substantially increased his net worth (in the long run) even though he was only paid a reported $7 million to McGregor’s $20 million payday. How? Because he was the first person to smoke a vape pipe on National TV.

It was no accident Diez took a few hits after the fight for the entire world to see. He was wisely using the news outlets to help promote the Diez Brother’s future after their UFC careers end. Instead of straining joints preparing for fights, the Diez Brother’s are now rolling joints with their own strains. Nate has a strain of Sativa, while Brother Nick prefers an Indica post-workout recovery strain of high-grade medical marijuana.

Hire Nick and Nate Diaz

Apparently, the UFC can’t come up with enough money to book Nick or Nate. But if you own a dispensary, you might be in luck. The Diaz Brother’s are in high demand making appearances at medical marijuana dispensaries across California. Heck, even Willie Nelson just gave his approval, so you know it must be good. Nick and Nate partnered with California’s Finest (the same company behind Jimmi Hendrix Purple Haze products) to produce their new strains and design the professional (collectible) packaging. the Diaz brothers rolled out their line of PreRoll marijuana cigarettes with California Finest, being made available to “qualified medical patients only.” Nick’s featured line of marijuana cigarettes are said to be an “Indica” “Recovery … | Willie Nelson is down with the Diaz Brothers and their weed –

Each package contains five individually hand-rolled cigarettes containing a 1/8 ounce total of Californias Finest. You also receive a Diaz Brother trading card along with re-sealable roach holders to round off the complete package.

To further boost Diaz gross sales, the Brothers also sell collectible rolling papers and pipes. If you ever wanted to hit Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt experts Nick or Nate’s head, well now you can without them hitting you back.

Nate Diaz Net Worth

After professionally fighting over a decade and tied for the most bonus awards given out by the UFC, Nate Diez net worth didn’t reflect what he’s accomplished in MMA. That all changed when he got the call to take on the loudest mouth in the entire UFC, Connor McGregor. On the biggest stage Mixed Martial Arts offers, Nate didn’t just win the fight; He seriously kicked McGregors butt. It was, without a doubt, Nate’s biggest payday when he stunned the UFC taking out their biggest star. But Connor gets what Connor wants, and he wanted a rematch.

After lengthy negotiations for a new contract that also included Nate publically doing the Stockton Slap on his boss Dana White, He successfully signed a new deal worth a reported $7 million. After watching that fight a few different times, I still scored it 3-to-2 in Diez favor. Either way, after the McGregor fight Nate Diaz net worth jumped to over $10 million.

Nate publically said he wouldn’t fight again for less than $20 million, what Connor reportedly earned during their fight. Will there ever be a Diez vs. McGregor 3? Probably not IMO. McGregor knows it wouldn’t be wise to mess with Nate for the 3rd time and risk losing his self-appointed crown.

Nick Diaz Net Worth

Currently, Nick Diaz net worth is over $7 million mostly earned during his impressive UFC career and the fight with Georges St-Pierre before he retired. Nick age 33 years old is, of course, Nate’s older brother and the mastermind behind their MMA and UFC success. Nick had his first professional MMA fight in 2001 at the age of only 16 years old training under Cesar Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Lodi, California.

Nick’s been a Black Belt for half his life successfully competing in Strikeforce, PRIDE, World Extreme Cage Fighting, Shooto, Dream, and EliteXC before joining the UFC. His first professional fight for the UFC goes all the way back to UFC 44 when he defeated Jeremy Jackson during their trilogy fight. To say Nick’s an entertaining fighter to watch in the MMA world is an understatement.

If there’s one thing Nick likes doing as much as MMA training and Triathalons is smoking a little weed. He’s had numerous violations not passing pee tests dating back over a decade. Apparently, the UFC considers medical marijuana a performance-enhancing drug that gives you an edge by blocking out the pain. Either way, it hasn’t stopped the Diaz Brother’s representing their choice of pain medication over human-made prescription chemicals.

Unfortunately, because of this outdated rule, Nick hasn’t fought since UFC 183 in 2015 against Anderson Silva. He’s been off suspension for several months, but the new owners still haven’t used one of their biggest draws. Not even for UFC 209, the area code 209 made famous by the Diaz Brothers from Stockton, California.

Is Nick playing hardball like his brother “had to do” to finally get paid what he deserves? Wouldn’t you? Beside’s he’ll still have to pass a pee test which is in direct conflict with the Diaz Brothers new business of naturally grown herbal medicine.

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