Misfit Garage Net Worth

Misfit Garage Net Worth

When it come’s to TV ratings, the Misfit Garage Show is certainly no misfit on Discovery Channels line-up. In fact, the four former employees of Richard Rawlings, from the Fast n Loud Show, are quickly growing their net worth as the success of the show continues to grow. Will the former employees of Gas Monkey Garage ever catch up to their previous employer? Probably not considering both Rawlings and Kaufman make frequent appearances on Misfit Garage. Rawling’s is also the executive producer on this spinoff created from the popularity of Fast n Loud.

If you’ve been watching Fast n Loud from the beginning, then you already know Jordan Butler and Tom Smith, two of the four owners of Fired Up Garage where Misfit Garage is filmed. Both Smith and Butler worked at Gas Monkey Garage before leaving the favorite show after the second season.

The two former Gas Monkey Garage employees banded together with two other former employees Scott McMillan and Thomas Weeks. Combined, they started Fired Up, aka the Misfit Garage filled with Richard’s x-employees. But Rawling’s has a problem with his former employees starting a new hot rod shop that competes with Gas Monkey. Nothing seems off-limits when it come’s to knocking down competition every chance he can. Now that Aaron Kaufman also quit working for Gas Monkey and the Fast n Loud Show, will He also end up at the Misfit Garage? Personally, I think Aaron deserves his own show filled with anything but misfits.

Could Former Gas Monkey Aaron Kaufman End Up At Misfit Garage?

http://artofgears.com/2016/12/30/could-gas-monkey-aaron-kaufman-end-up-at-misfit-garage/Could Former Gas Monkey Aaron Kaufman End Up At Misfit ? Since the unexpected departure of Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage, questions have been swirling as to why? Could he follow the other exiled Monkeys to Misfit Garage? I know this would seem far-fetched, but when you step back and take a deep …

What do you think? Will Aaron start working for the Misfit garage? Or should Discovery Channel give Kaufman his own Reality Show? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Misfit Garage Net Worth

How much is the original cast members Jordan Buttler, Tom Smith, Thomas Weeks, and Scott McMillan on Misfit Garage net worth? After four successful seasons and just getting the green light for season 5, all the characters are now some of the highest paid mechanics on Reality TV. In fact, they’re making more on a single episode than working an entire season on Fast n Loud. How do you go from a $40 an hour mechanic to a millionaire within five years time? You first get a job at Gas Monkey, piss Richard’s off, and then go work for the Misfit Garage. All the stars on Misfit Garage including  Jordan Buttler, Tom Smith, Thomas Weeks, and Scot McMillan have a net worth exceeding $1 million. Not too bad for putting up with Richard Rawlings for a few years.

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