Hire a Shark Tank Investor

Hire a Shark from Shark Tank

Hire A Shark Tank Investor

 How much does it cost to Hire a Shark from the Shark Tank Show for a speaking engagement? It all depends on the Shark’s Net Worth when valuing their time. While you can book Lori Grenier for a speaking engagement for as little as $25,000.00, you can’t get Mark Cuban to show up for less than six figures ($100,000.00 plus) if he’s even interested. Another thing to consider before hiring any Shark Tank Investor is their Speaker Rank compared to their peers.

Listed below is information on all the Sharks speaking engagement prices at Speakerpedia.com. Each Shark has a minimum fee determined by the event and length of time they’ll be speaking. Another part of the equation is the Sharks overall Speaker Rank compared to their peers within the same niche. For instance, Daymond John is ranked #1 for giving “Goal Setting” speeches and commands the highest prices for such an event. Robert Herjevic, however, ranks # 92 in the Cyber Security Speaker Rankings and would be considered a bargain compared to the #1 speaker in that category. The most interesting Speaker Rankings of all the Sharks is Lori Grenier ranking #85 for Inventors and #59 for Construction/ Materials.

Hire A Shark Tank Investor

Hire Daymond John

Daymond John Speaker Rankings is by far the best-rated speaker compared to all the Sharks determined by Speakerpedia.com. The speaker ranking system only covers the top 100 speakers in any given category. In John’s case, He ranks #1 and #2 for the top 5 categories for speaking engagements.

  • #1 in Goal Setting
  • #1 in Disability Speakers
  • #2 in Marketing and Branding
  • #2  Business History
  • #2 in Connecticut

Hire Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran also has an exceptional Speaker Ranking especially when you consider her competition. How many high profile entrepreneurs give paid speeches about “Business” for example?  Out of all the successful speakers to choose from, Barbara Corcoran is ranked #3 within this rather large niche.

  • #1 in Sports Management
  • #2 in Business Services / Consulting
  • #3 in Business
  • #3 International Business
  • #3 in Real Estate

Hire Lori Grenier

Lori Grenier is beginning to get more into the lucrative paid speaking engagement business as her current speaker rankings suggest. Lori’s current highest ranking is for speeches in Construction/ Materials that doesn’t quite fit with her personality on the Shark Tank. Grenier’s obviously best known for her successful inventions but ranks #58 out of all the inventors you can hire for a speaking engagement.

  • #58 in Construction / Materials
  • #85 in Inventors

Hire Robert Herjevic

Robert Herjevic made his millions in the cyber security business and still gives paid speeches to this day. Nowadays, Herjevic’s become better known as a successful Reality Star on Shark Tank than he is in the cyber security business.


  • #92 in Cyber-Security

Hire Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban might be the only billionaire on the Shark Tank Show, but he’s still for hire giving paid speeches for a price. A very big price. For Mark Cuban to show up for an event, it has to be more than just about the money (fee) for him to even consider. In fact, it’s probably easier (and cheaper) hiring all the other Shark Tank Investors combined, then it is getting Mark Cuban on board. Cuban’s ranked #3 in the world when it comes to giving Sports Business speeches.

  • #3 in Sports Business
  • #5 in Entrepreneurial Finance
  • #13 in Real Estate
  • #16 in Sports Management
  • #27 in Entrepreneurial Marketing

Hire Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary LOVES giving paid speeches covering a variety of subjects from Investing to raising Venture Capital. While he might not be the wealthiest Shark in the Tank, you’d never know it by how much he commands to show up at an event. It’s not just showing up, but all the perks O’Leary wisely negotiates that makes paid speeches worth his time.

  • #14 in Integrity
  • #53 in Investing
  • #54 in Massachusetts
  • #62 in Venture Capital
  • #90 in Business Trends


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