Adventure Capitalists

Adventure Capitalists on CNBC

Season Premiere – August 22, 2016
Adventure Capitalists Business Reality Show on CNBC
Adventure Capitalists premieres on CNBC
Hosts Craig Cooper, Dhani Jones, and Jeremy Bloom

The Adventure Capitalists Show is a new series on CNBC featuring three venture capitalists that love investing in the Outdoors. Craig Cooper, Dhani Jones, and Jeremy Bloom are the new hosts seeking new innovative Outdoor Adventure products to add to their collections of successful businesses. Unlike the Sharks on the Shark Tank spending an hour or so with the entrepreneurs before making critical business decisions, the Adventure Capitalists put the inventors and their outdoor products through a series of real-life tests first. Cooper, Jones, and Bloom don’t invest in just any Adventure related product, but truly innovative products they’re passionate about using themselves. As you might expect, all three of the Hosts on Adventure Capitalists are very successful with impressive resumes before joining forces.

Craig Cooper on Adventure Capitalists

Craig Cooper is what you’d call an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur when it comes to his business success.
Cooper first worked as a Senior Associate at the largest law firm in Australia working with some of the biggest Brands in the United States. When Craig was only 31 years old, He co-founded NRG Asia Pacific and turned it into a $5 billion power producing company in record time. Cooper then turned his attention to the growing mobile phone business and co-founded Boost Mobile that quickly grew into another multi-billion dollar venture. Cooper then co-founded two very successful Venture Capital Funds (Softbank Capital Technology Fund and Saban Ventures Fund) raising over $800 million combined.

The list of Craig Cooper’s business successes is as impressive as any Shark on the Shark Tank Show. Craig Cooper’s Net Worth is estimated over $100 million even before becoming an Adventure Capitalists for the Show.
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Dhani Jones on Adventure Capitalists

Dhani Jones on Adventure Capitalists knows a thing or two about quality outdoor adventure gear. In fact, Dhani spent eleven years playing in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals before becoming a successful Venture Capitalists and Business Reality TV Star. Jones started a philanthropy called the BowTie Cause after retiring from the NFL. He’s also a partner in two successful advertising agencies in New York (VMG-Creative) and Cincinnati (Proclamation) and chairman of the Qey Capital Partners Investment Fund. Dhani’s also spent time in front of the camera on his original series “Dhani Tackles the Globe.”

Dhani Jones Net Worth is estimated over $7 million. 

Jeremy Bloom on Adventure Capitalists

Jeremy Bloom on Adventure Capitalists is a World Champion athlete that not only played in the NFL (Steelers and Eagles) but also skied in the Olympics twice. Bloom also holds the record at the World Cups events winning six races in a row. When it comes to high-risk adventures (both on and off the field), Jeremy’s always at the top of his game. Bloom’s took his competitive spirit and co-founded a marketing software firm called “Integrate” in 2010. In 2013, Forbes Magazine ranked Jeremy one of the 30 most influential tech entrepreneurs under 30 years old. Like his two co-hosts on CNBC’s newest Business Reality Show, Bloom also started a non-profit organization. The Wish of a Lifetime fulfills wishes from seniors whatever that may be. Over 1000 senior citizens had their Wish of a Lifetime fulfilled by his organization thus far.


Jeremy Bloom’s net worth is over $7 million and only 34 years old.

Watch Adventure Capitalists premiere on CNBC August 22, 2016, starting at 10 P.M. (ET/PT)

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