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Can You Hear Me Now Guy’s Net Worth

Can You Hear Me Now Guy drops Verizon for Sprint

 Paul Marcarelli is the famous actor starring in Verizon’s popular Can You Hear Me Now television commercial’s for over ten years until 2011. Now, just five years after ending his lucrative career with Verizon, the multi-millionaire has switched to Sprint with a brand new tagline, “Can You Hear That?” How much money did Paul Marcarelli make as the Can You Hear Me Know Guy working for Verizon? Verizon spent 10’s of millions of dollars over ten years promoting his image as the Verizon Guy and made Paul a multi-millionaire in the process. Paul Marcarelli Net Worth is estimated between $8 to $10 million before signing a new contract with Sprint in 2016.

According to Marcelli, all wireless carrier networks are about the same these days. In fact, Sprint’s reliability service is now within 1% of Verizon according to the Neilsen Ratings mentioned in his new commercial. If all four major carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T) are now within 1% reliable ratings, and Sprint on average costs 50% less, then why wouldn’t everyone switch carriers like Paul’s done?
While the slogan “Can You Hear Me Now” is forever ingrained in millions of minds as the most memorable Verizon commercials to date, will Marcarelli’s new slogan for Sprint “Can You Hear That” become just as significant considering his celebrity status within this industry?

What does Verizon think of their famous spokesperson now working for the competition after they spent several million making Paul the star he is today? After watching the new Sprint commercial, I personally think Verizon will get as much publicity (if not more) without having to pay a dime.

Forget about the fact everyone knows the Can You Hear Me Now Guy worked for Verizon and now jumped ship for no-doubt a very lucrative deal with Sprint. The main message of the commercial is getting folks to compare Sprint to Verizon, which is like comparing apples to oranges in places like where we live. Apparently, we live in that 1% difference (mentioned in the video) that separates the two cell phone carriers reliability.

As they say in Hollywood “any publicity is good publicity.” But in Verizon’s case, this is pure marketing/ advertising gold that continues paying dividends long after the “Can You Hear Me Know Guy” was taken off the air. It was certainly smart of Sprint signing a multi-million dollar deal with Marcarelli, but directly comparing the competition that made him rich and famous, not so much.

Verizon’s comment after learning Paul’s now working with Sprint sums up what they think about all this free publicity.

They’re using our 2002 pitchman because they finally caught up to our 2002 network technology.” Ouch.

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