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How Much Is Tilman Fertitta’s Net Worth?


Is Tilman J. Fertitta related to Frank and Lorenzo Feritita? When CNBC was casting a Billionaire for their new Reality Show called the “Billion Dollar Buyer,” they found the perfect business partner in Tilman Fertitta, chairman, CEO and sole owner of Fertitta Entertainment, Inc. If you’ve never heard of Tilman’s main company before then, maybe you’ll recognize a few of his properties including the Golden Nugget Casinos, over 500 Landry’s Inc. properties, and over 50 restaurant brands including the Buba Gump Shrimp Company, Mastro’s Steakhouse, Grotto La Griglia and Willie G’s.

Tilman Fertitta is in real life, a Billion Dollar Buyer supplying several hundred’s of Restaurant’s, Casino’s and Hotels he solely owns spread out over 36 different states. His vast empire employ’s over 60,000 employees to put how much Tilman buys into perspective.

Currently, Tilman Fertitta’s net worth is estimated at $3.2 Billion placing him in the top 500 richest people in the world. As hard as Tilman works controlling almost 1000 different restaurants, casinos, and hotels across the county, Fertitta plays just as hard with a few toys like his helicopter and yacht named the Boardwalk. What better place to conduct a little business than on your yacht?

Billionaire’s Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta are the owners of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and owners of the Station Casino’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is Tilman who also owns the Golden Nugget Casino in Vegas related to the Fertitta Brothers? Yes, they are all related but not all brothers like I previously thought. Tilman’s Dad was Frank and Lorenzo’s Dad’s first cousin which makes them third cousins. What are the odd’s third cousins with the same last name would someday control two different successful casinos in Las Vegas? We’ll when your last name’s Fertitta; it’s 100% guaranteed.

The first episode of the Billion Dollar Buyer was CNBC Prime’s biggest ratings ever for a brand new Reality Show. The first season had only six episode’s showing Tilman making million dollar deals with small businesses seeking large orders.

The Billion Dollar Buyer Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 101 – Macron by Patisse and Brovato Spice
Episode 102 – Liber and Co and East Side Glass Studio
Episode 103 – The Jam Stand and Marcellino Briefcase’s
Episode 104 – Linoto Bed Sheets and Manveena Solutions
Episode 105 – Rossmore Boutique and Galanter and Jones
Episode 106 – IPoutIt Self Serve Beer and Further Soaps

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