Conor McGregor’s Net Worth

Conor McGregor’s Net Worth

  How much is Conor McGregor’s net Worth? Conor McGregor’s a man of few words. O.K., maybe not when fighting in the UFC, but outside the ring, Conor McGregor’s tapped into the powerful force of “The Law Of Attraction” that will make him the first billionaire in UFC History. Grant it, McGregor’s net worth is pegged around $5-$7 million before his next fight with Rafael dos Anjos in UFC 197 Saturday, March 5, 2016, while going after his second Championship Belt. But in a single night, Conor can more than double his current net worth with another win. It doesn’t hurt Holly Holm is on the same ticket in UFC 197 Defending Her Title for the first time since defeating Ronda Rousey which will certainly help make this PPV the biggest in UFC History.

Conor McGregor say’s “Thank You” for Making His Dreams A Reality

To understand how Conor McGregor rose to the top in Mixed Martial Arts faster than any other fighter before him as far as making money is concerned (except for maybe Ronda Rousey) you’ll need to go beyond his physical abilities and get into his head. If you’ve seen any of McGregor’s pre-fight interviews, it comes as no surprise one of Connors favorite saying’s is “Say What You’re Going To Do, and Go and DO IT!” He doesn’t just say it, but can visualize the future in great detail using the “Law of Attraction.”

Whether you like Conor McGregor because He’s a UFC Champion Fighter that certainly knows how to put on a good show, or dislikes him for the same reasons, one thing is for sure; we can all learn from his motivational videos posted below.

Favorite sayings in Conor McGregor – The Law Of Attraction Part #1:

  • “I don’t want to be anything; I AM Everything I Want To Be, I’m Already There.”
  • “Say What You’re Going To Do and go and DO IT!
  • “I Always Visualize Victory, Success, and Abundance. I visualized it all, and it’s happening.”
  • “When things are going good, you visualize these good things happening, that’s easy. What’s not easy to do is when things are going bad, and you’re visualizing the good stuff”.
  • “I knew I was going to bring Martial Arts to the public eye and now it’s happening.”


Favorite saying’s Conor McGregor – Law Of Attraction Part 2

  • “If you have a clear picture in your head something is going to happen and a clear belief that IT Will Happen No Matter What then Nothing Can Stop It. It is Destined To Happen.”
  • “I had to believe in it; I had to feel it, I had to have faith in it, For IT To Happen.”
  • “I’ve always visualized what it would feel like giving back to people that have given to me.”
  • “If you have a clear picture in your head if something’s going to happen and a clear belief that it will happen no matter what. Then nothing can stop it; It is destined to happen”.
  • “Appreciate your surroundings and be grateful for it, and that’s when Good Things Happen.”
  • “It’s crazy how dreams just form into reality.”


Positive Quote’s from Conor McGregor – (Law Of Attraction Part 3)

  • “I dreamed this so clearly, so precisely and so frequently that it has manifested itself into reality.” It’s A Dream Come True!
  • “If you can see it here, (your mind) and you have the courage to speak it, IT Will Happen.”
  • “A lot of time people believe in certain things, but they keep to themselves, they don’t put it out there. If you truly believe in it, if you become vocal with it you’re creating that Law Of Attraction and It Will Become Reality”.


Conor McGregor – Law Of Attraction Part 4

  • “As long as you See It, and Really Believe It, then That’s What’s Going To Happen.”
  • “I saw myself as the Champion even before anyone else did.”
  • “I’ve already visualized what’s a head of me.”
  • “There is no opponent; You’re Against Yourself.” “I just feel like I’m able to beat myself, I can Beat My Mind.”
  • “I Believe In Myself  So Much That Nothing Is Going To Stop Me.”


Conor McGregor Law Of Attraction Part 5

  • You Can Have Anything You Want, If You Want It Bad Enough!
  • You Can Be Anything You Want To Be, You CAN Do Anything You Set Out To Accomplish If You Hold To That Desire With Singleness Of Purpose.
  • Constant Repetition Carries Conviction.
  • To Accomplish Great Things, You Must Not Only ACT but Also Dream, Not Only PLAN but Also BELIEVE.


Conor McGregor’s Affirmations on Law Of Attraction Part 6

  • I Seen Everything In My Head and Now It’s Going To Happen!
  • If You See It In Your Head, Your Going To See It With Your Eyes. (My personal favorite)
  • You Are Whatever You Tell Yourself “You Are.”
  • “I’m Telling Myself I’m The Two-Way Champ.” The first person in UFC History to hold two Championship Belts at the same time.
  • I Like To Focus On The Positive and then the negative just shrinks away.
  • Conor McGregor being “Grateful For Everything” The Law Of Attraction has so far Manifested In His Life!!!

Conor McGregor’s net worth might not be anywhere near the billionaire status He so clearly envisions, but after watching these videos, it’s only a matter of time. No doubt, Conor’s put a lot of thought how Floyd Mayweather built his Brand to the point of a reported $250,000,000.00 payday on His 49th Professional Fight. If Mayweather can make that much money dancing around in the ring when fighting in the so-called “Fight Of The Century” against Manny Pacquiao, I wonder how much Conor McGregor will earn on his 20th UFC Fight as Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in popularity?

How much is Conor McGregor’s Net Worth?

Only one thing stands in the way of Conor McGregor’s new worth reaching the first billionaire in UFC History (or Professional Boxers for that matter, sorry Floyd you’re rich, but you quit too soon) and that’s to Keep Winning! So far, McGregor’s done “exactly” what He said he was going to do in the UFC and even called the rounds he’d win with amazing accuracy. Connor McGregor developed his greatest weapon anyone can tap into once you realize “everything that has ever happened in your life, first happened in the thoughts you created first.” Change your thoughts, and you’ll change your world for better or worse, It’s Always Your Choice!

The Law Of Attraction simply states, “You Can Create ANYTHING In This Life You So Desire Once Your Thought’s and Feelings Have Made Up Your Mind.” (I just made that quote up but makes perfect sense when describing The Law Of Attraction)

Will Conor McGregor become the Greatest UFC Fighter with the largest net worth of any athlete in any sport? If the Law Of Attraction has anything to do with it, then it’s only a matter of time before Conor McGregor’s Net Worth reaches the billion dollar mark.

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