West Texas Investors Club Net Worth

West Texas Investors Club

Investment Club’s Net Worth on CNBC

Move over Shark Tank because the West Texas Investors Club is the newest Business Reality Show on CNBC. Just like the Shark Tank Show, the West Texas Investment Club is a group of Angel Investors willing to invest in new start-up companies looking for investors. Unlike the Shark Tank that, for the most part, handles potential new partnerships in a professional manner, the West Texas Investment Club could give a flying bleep what you think. The three multi-millionaires on West Texas Investment Club is Mike “Rooster” McConaughey, (Matthew McConaughey’s older brother) Wayne “Butch” Gilliam and Gil Prather.

McConaughey and Gilliam started an investment firm “West Texas LTD” in 2007 with one simple philosophy (and a few million bucks) that simply states “We invest in the person first and the idea second”. If these hardcore Texans don’t like you for whatever the reason, forget it, you’ll never make a deal with the West Texas Investors Club. Not only will you not get an investment, but you’re also likely to get an ear full of their honest opinion whether you want to hear it or not.

Is the West Texas Investment Club somewhat of a parity of the Shark Tank that’s usually very serious during negotiations?
By the looks of the previews before the Season Premiere August 4, 2015, it just might. Good for the TV Ratings, but potentially not so good for the Entrepreneurs if these Hardcore Texas Oil Men and Ranchers simply don’t like how you’re conducting the business negotiations. You best have your game face on and be prepared for whatever they might throw at you, literally.

Mike “Rooster” McConaughy’s Net Worth

Mike McConaughy started in the Oil field’s of Texas and became a self-made millionaire by the time he was thirty years old. A year later, Mike was dead broke from the high risk/ high reward Texas Oil Business. Undeterred, McConaughy got back on his Horse and started building up his Net Worth buying and selling rusted oil pipe for a fraction of the original cost.  Mike grew his oil pipe machine shop DGM Supply into a multi-million dollar a year Successful Business supplying the Oil Field Market.

In addition to DGM Supply Business making millions in profit every year, Mike or “Rooster” as his Friends call him, is also the proud owner of the very successful LP Ranch located in Mertzon, Texas. As far as investments are concerned, McConaughy does indeed have a vast portfolio consisting of oil field pipes lined up by the acre, a few oil field wells pumping every day, an entire full-sized Texas Ranch filled with horses, lives stock and well fed deer, several pieces of real estate, a media and an investor in a technology company. Mike has set himself up making multiple streams of income coming from a variety of investments and now plans to add to his current net worth on CNBC’s West Texas Investors Club. Mike “Rooster” McConaughy’s Net Worth is estimated over $55 million.

Dwayne “Butch” Gilliam’s Net Worth

Dwayne Gilliam knows only how to do one thing, work. From the time the Sun rises. Dwayne, or Butch as his close friends call him, dropped out of School in 7th Grade to get working on building his empire in the Heart of the Texas Oil Fields. In 2004, Butch saved up $200,000.00 to buy the intellectual property for a pipe threading technology that would forever change his life. Only two years later, he sold his machine shop along with the pipe threading technology patent for a whopping $120 million to Newport Steel. Gilliam then formed a joint venture with U.S. Steel Oil Well Services called PatriotThreading.com in the state-of-the-art facilities in Midland, Texas.

When He’s not wheeling and dealing with some of the biggest Oil Field Supplies on the planet, Butch still finds time to invest his time, money and knowledge in other money-making investment opportunities with his good friend Mike McConaughy in their West Texas Investment Club. Dwayne “Butch” Gilliam’s Net Worth is estimated over $100 million.

Gil Pratner’s Net Worth

Gil Pratner is “The Man from the Rio Grande” and soon-to-be Famous Celebrity TV Star on the West Texas Investors Club with his good friends Rooster McConaughy and Butch Gilliam. Pratner has lived a very interesting life doing a little bit of comedy and a whole lot of songwriting. In the 1990’s Gil first became Famous playing “The Other Brother” in the Jose Comedy Act that went nationwide. Though Gil Pratner is not an official partner in the West Texas Investors Club, He enjoys all the benefits this Special Investors Club has to offer. Gil Pratner’s Net Worth is estimated at $5 million mostly made from all the famous songs he’s written throughout his entire life.

West Texas Club on CNBC

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Speed E Tab‘s co-founder Adam Garfield secures investment on the first West Texas Investors Club Reality Business Show.

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