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The Storage Wars Show featured on A&E first premiered December 2010, and local storage auctions have never been the same. The cast on Storage Wars goes to storage auctions anyone can attend, but few knew about before this Show became one of A&E’s biggest Reality TV Shows.

If you’ve ever participated in a storage auction (check the local newspaper in the public notice section), then you already know Storage Wars does an excellent job portraying how the entire process works.

You also know nobody’s this lucky adding to their net worth just finding valuable hidden treasures on a consistent basis inside abandoned storage units. Is the cast on Storage Wars just lucky when it comes to bidding on the right storage auctions? The answer might surprise you “it has nothing to do with luck.” It takes many years of experience becoming a successful storage unit buyer even with a pocket full of cash. But then again, this is Reality TV, right?

Dave Hester’s Net Worth

Dave Hester has become one of the most interesting cast members on Storage Wars with his “I could care a less” attitude. Hester doesn’t care if you like him and could care even less if he makes someone pay more for a storage unit. In a lot of ways, Dave Hester’s become the Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank as the person the audience loves to hate (for lack of a better word).

There’s been multiple episodes it looked like someone was going to fight with Hester and son-of-a-gun if it finally happened during a recent taping of a new episode of Storage Wars. Dave got into a fight with Storage Wars auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, and in the end, needed to go to the hospital. Yuuup, that hurt!
Hester currently runs an auction house called, you guessed it, “Dave Hester Auctioneer.” Dave Hester’s Net Worth is estimated over $2 million.
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Darrel Sheets Net Worth

Darrell Sheet’s, AKA “The Gambler” has been on A&E’s Storage Wars since the very first Episode. After 32 years buying and selling anything having “The WOW Factor,” Sheet’s has scored his share of valuable items most storage auction participants would envy. The most expensive storage unit Darrell bought for $3600.00 cash with a million dollar estimate filled with valuable paintings.

Now that was one gamble that paid off big time. It was reported Darrel Sheets was making $30,000.00 per episode on Storage Wars, but the producers decided to cut his pay in half. It’s currently not known if Darrell will quit the Storage Wars Show after feeling like he’s getting pushed out of the main character. Darrell Sheet’s Net Worth is estimated over $5 million and plenty of liquid assets to continue gambling on storage units.
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Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante’s Net Worth

Jerrod and Brandi Schulz was just starting to learn the storage auction game when they first appeared on the Storage Wars Reality Show. Since that time, the couple’s net worth has substantially grown, along with a “few other things” since becoming Reality TV Stars. Luckily for them, being one of the most famous couples on Storage Wars has substantially paid off more than the thrift stores Jarrod and Brandi used to own.

The Now and Then Thrift Store officially closed down in May 2014 located in Long Beach, California, and the FaceBook page with over 47,000 “Likes” hasn’t been touched since December 16, 2014. That’s a shame and not even close to the update I was expecting to find concerning Jarrod and Brandi’s success since becoming very popular reality stars. Jarrod and Brandi still have the website that only says:

Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm
Closed All Other Days!
New Website Coming Soon—-

No phone number, no address and only open 18 hours a week if you can find them. Now that’s the life of Successful Reality Stars! Brandi and Jarrod’s Net Worth is estimated over $2 million.
Brandi and Jerrod: Married To The Job also did a spin-off Show with 8 Episodes in the first Season.

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry Weiss is perhaps the most likable cast member on Storage Wars. Unlike most of the Reality Stars on Storage Wars having second-hand thrift stores, Barry’s a collector of anything unusual. To Weiss, going to storage auctions was more like hunting for hidden treasures than it was a business opportunity.

Weiss made his fortune owning a large successful produce company he retired from before becoming a Reality TV Star. Barry also decided to retire from the Storage Wars auctions after the fourth Season and started a new career buying and selling expensive antiques and collectibles.

Considering Barry’s popularity on Storage Wars, it was an easy decision for the producers to make a new Reality Show featuring his new career. The spin-off is appropriately called ”

Barry also decided to retire from the Storage Wars auctions after the fourth Season and started a new career buying and selling expensive antiques and collectibles. Considering Barry’s popularity on Storage Wars, it was an easy decision for the producers to make a new Reality Show featuring his new career. The spin-off is appropriately called “Barry’d Treasure” with Season 1 featuring eight Episodes. Barry Weiss Net Worth is estimated over $10 million and making sure he keeps living the “good life” for many years to come.

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Dan and Laura Dotson’s Net Worth

Dan and Laura Dotson have become the Most Famous Auctioneer’s in America thanks to the Storage Wars on A&E. When they’re not staging events for the Show, the Dotson’s run a real and very successful storage auction business called “American Auctioneers” in Southern California. According to the American Auctioneer’s website, the company hosts over 3000 auctions per year. That’s almost ten auctions a day, every day of the week.

There’s no question Dan and Laura Dotson are the “real deal” when it comes to the Storage Auction Business. With Dan’s forty years as a professional auctioneer, and Laura’s pleasing personality asking you to “pay the lady,” it was an easy decision for A&E to cast this dedicated couple on Storage Wars.

By now most viewers know Dan Dotson, and Dave Hester got into a fight while filming a new Episode of Storage Wars. It was reported Hester punched Dan in the face first before Dan returned the favor hitting him in the eye. Apparently, Laura got into the action and jumped on Dave’s back before he threw her to the ground. Talk about a boost in the TV Ratings; everyone will make a point to watch this future episode. Didn’t Storage Wars already get rid of Dave Hester once? Yuuup!

Dan recently posted on his FaceBook page “There were cameras everywhere, so I’m sure the full story will all come out, bottom line Dave disrupted our auction. Dave made accusations and was asked to leave, and he attacked me, we locked up, during the breakup, he struck Laura making her fall to the ground. I bitch slapped Dave, and he left”. LOL, only on Reality TV!
Dan and Laura Dotson’s Net Worth is estimated over $5 million.

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