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Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Net Worth

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Net Worth
The soon-to-be Billion Dollar Empire of the
Kardashian Family’s Net Worth

 Keeping Up with the Kardashians first debuted on October 14, 2007. This American reality television series entails the lives of the wealthy Kardashian Family that have become famous publicizing their extravagant lifestyle. The paparazzi follow all the Kardashian’s around as if they’re Famous Movie Stars, and yet in reality, the Family has become famous playing themselves on “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Show”.

Kris Jenner is the family matriarch who’s a very accomplished entrepreneur that knows how to gets things done and rarely takes no for an answer. She manages her daughter’s careers and was married to Robert Kardashian, a defense attorney who became famous during the O. J. Simpson murder trial. They had a son named Robert and three daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. In 1989, she broke up with Kardashian and later married Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner with whom they bore two daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kris Jenner’s Net Worth is estimated over $125 million and growing faster than the Family can spend the money coming in from all her successful deals.
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Kim Kardashian is the most ambitious daughter and never shy’s away from the spotlight.
In fact, hardly a day goes by you don’t see a story about Kim Kardashian somewhere online. Kim’s been featured on TV shows like CSI NY, Dancing with the Stars and How I Met Your Mother helping add to her growing fame and net worth. All three of the Kardashian Sisters parlayed their fame on the Reality Show and started their own clothing line called DASH with the help of their Mom and the Branding expert Daymond John from the Shark Tank Show. Kim married Kayne West in May 2014 who’s sold over 20 million albums with an estimated net worth of $140 million. Kim Kardashians net worth is estimated at $80 million. When combined, Kanye and Kim are well on their way to a billion dollar empire.
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Khloe Kardashian is the oldest and seemingly the wisest sister of the bunch. That is until it comes to relationships anyway. After knowing NBA Star Lamar Odem for only a few weeks, the new couple decided to get married. That certainly helped in the TV ratings for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” as well as a spin-off Show called “Khloe and Lamar”, but only lasted a few years before the divorced. Khloe Kardashians net worth is estimated over $30 million.
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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Discick live a rather interesting lifestyle that’s certainly helped keep up the ratings on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. In fact, this couple is the main reason I’ve watched the Show. Scott loves living the multi-millionaire lifestyle to the fullest while his long-time girlfriend Kourtney, is more interested in raising their now three children. How on earth this couple remains together has probably baffled thousands of viewers including me, but they’ve make it work and that’s all that counts. It was reported Kourtney might finally be breaking up with Scott once and for all. The combined networth of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Discick is estimated at $50 million for this unmarried couple and might fall considerably after the Lawyers figure out this complicated relationship.
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Rob Kardashian is the only son and youngest child from Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. While growing up with three older sisters and two younger half-sisters, Rob has somehow managed to stay sane from all the drama He’s dealt with in his life. While not nearly as famous as his older sisters, and now his half-sister, Rob Kardashian has still managed to grow his net worth and become a multi-millionaire. Rob Kardashians net worth is estimated over $3 million and continues to grow one step at a time, literally. Rob’s latest venture is Branding a new Sock Line called “Arthur George Socks” that’s surprisingly reasonably priced for a great looking product.
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Kendall Jenner is the oldest of two daughters from Kris and Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) who was born in 1995. Like her older sisters, Kendall’s love for fashion took her in the same direction but is instead becoming one of the Highest Paid Top Models in the Industry. At only eighteen years old, Kendall wasted little time moving out of the large Kardashian Mansion and bought Her own Home for $1.4 million using her own money made from the Reality Show and Modeling Career. Look out Kim, it looks like you have some serious competition when it comes to getting National Attention. Kendall Jenner’s current Net Worth is estimated at $5 million including the equity ($500,000.00+) in her new home.
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Kylie Jenner is the youngest member in the family and already creating an impressive net worth at such an early age. If there’s one thing her older sisters have taught her, it’s all about Branding. Kyle has started several successful product lines including the “Kendall and Kylie Collection” with her sister. Together the two sister’s are creating their own empire’s that no doubt will soon compete with their famous older sisters. Not yet eighteen years old, Kylie’s already saved up enough money to buy a Home when she can legally move out of the family mansion. It might not be as luxurious of a Home She’s accustomed to under the Kardashian roof, but for a starter home she paid $2.7 million with her own money, I think she’ll adjust just fine. If there’s one thing you can say about her mom Kris Jenner, it’s she raised all her children to be self-sufficient in creating their own net worth doing whatever they love to do. Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth is estimated at $5 million before she turns 18 years old.
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Caitlyn Jenner (former Bruce Jenner) is, in many ways, responsible for the early success of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. When the Reality Show first aired in 2007, few people knew the Kardasian name, but everyone remembers Bruce Jenner for winning the Gold in the Olympics. Bruce, as everyone knows by now, is now Caitlyn Jenner. I’d imagine the entire transition was hard on Her and the whole family, but everyone’s supportive of this life-changing decision, and that’s all that counts. Financially speaking, Caitlyn is in big demand as new opportunities to increase her net worth are greater than ever before. Did you know Caitlyn Jenner set the all-time world record getting over a million followers on Twitter in only four hours? Caitlyn Jenner’s Net Worth is currently estimated at $100 million and projected to increase substantially in the next five to ten years because of Her New Instant Celebrity Status.

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