Donald Trumps Net Worth

Donald Trumps Real Net Worth 

Host of Celebrity Apprentice Show

Host of Celebrity Apprentice Show
Donald Trump Richest Reality TV Celebrity in History
“I’m REALLY Rich”

 No one can tell you how great Donald Trump is better than The Donald Himself. But how much is Donald Trump really worth? For year’s his privately held companies never had to disclose the real net worth of one of the most successful real estate developer’s in the world, not to mention Donald Trumps Celebrity status Hosting the Celebrity Apprentice Show for the past seven Seasons.  Everyone knew Trump was a billionaire, but no one guessed how successful Donald Trump really is in today’s market. Forbes Magazine does their best tracking billionaires in real time and yet the experts best guess was less than half of Donald Trumps Net Worth.

 As of today 6/16/2015, Forbes Magazine show’s Donald Trump with a current “real time” net worth of  only $4.1 billion and the 405th richest person in the world. Also, as of today, Donald Trump just announced He’s running for The President of the United States. There’s been speculation He might run for several years, but this time it’s for real with Trump fully disclosing his entire net worth for the very first time.

Donald Trump’s Net Worth exceeds $8.7 Billion Dollars placing him closer to the 150th richest person in the world, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google with a current networth of $9 billion according to Forbes Real Time Tracker. This fact also makes Donald Trump the richest Celebrity in Reality Shows History of Stars. Not even Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban’s Net Worth can compete in this pond with a net worth of only $3+ billion.

Now that we know Donald Trump’s twice as successful as the experts have given him credit, can his entrepreneurial spirit be enough to win the President of the United States? After listening to Donald’s entire speech officially announcing his candidacy, half of me thinks, “It’s about time a self-made billionaire businessman risked his personal fortune and reputation competing with life-long politicians on how to successfully run this Country. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but when it comes to negotiating The Art of the Deal on a grand scale, His record does speak for itself. The other half wish He didn’t talk about “himself” quite so much.

Watch Donald Trump announce His candidacy for the President of the United States in its entirety.

Most likely the Celebrity Apprentice Show will come to an end after seven successful seasons. Can you imagine the reality show filming The Apprentice inside the White House? Instead of the Celebrity Apprentice it could be called The World Apprentice making multi-billion dollar deals with President Trump. On second thought, maybe some negotiations are better off behind closed doors.

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