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Dog and Beth Bounty Hunters

Has anyone ever wondered why someone would choose to be called “Dog”? Well, after five Wives, a dozen Kids and hundreds of successful Bounty Hunting Jobs, I suppose Duane Chapman’s earned the right to be called Dog. He’s more like a blood hound that doesn’t know how to give up and always does whatever it take’s to succeed. Fortunately, Dog Chapman finally met perhaps the only Girl that could tame the Worlds Most Famous Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman, and together have amassed a tidy Networth while living a comfortable Celebrity Lifestyle.

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Net Worth

Dog The Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman’s Wikipedia page reads more like a script written for the Movies filled with twists and turns almost hard to believe. After reading the brief history how Chapman’s life unfolded before becoming a Reality Celebrity Star, I might be first in line if this Movie gets produced. It’s easy to see how Dog’s life could have gone either way. But with a little luck and a lot of Faith, the Chapman Family’s now living the American Dream owning Luxury Homes in Hawaii and Colorado. Dog The Bounty Hunters Net Worth is estimated t $10 million.

Beth Chapman’s Net Worth

Beth Chapman first met Dog The Bounty Hunter in the 1980′s when He was Her bail bondsman for a petty crime. Soon after they first met Dog took her under his wings and soon became the youngest Bounty Hunter in Colorado’s History at the age of 29 years old. When someone asked the Chapman’s who wears the pants in the Family, Dog was quick to say, “I do,” followed by “and She zips them up” which is a big part of what keeps this couple together. While convincingly playing a tough chick nobody’s messed with when Bounty Hunting, the fact is, She’s been around the block a few times and most likely can and will back it up. But after the fugitives get caught, the Mother side of her appears and genuinely what’s to help that person turn their life around. It must be working because Beth Chapman clearly is as big of Reality Star as Dog himself. One look at her Facebook page with over 400,000 “Likes” clearly shows the impact she’s made in many lives. Beth Chapman’s personal Net Worth is estimated at $3 million to add to the Family Fortune. Oh, by the way, YES they are real for those who are wondering. Lucky Dog!
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Leland Chapman’s Net Worth

Leland Chapman is one of Dogs Sons from a previous marriage that followed in his Fathers footsteps and also became a professional bounty hunter. According to Leland’s wiki page, He got in a fair amount of trouble as a teenager before moving to Colorado with his Dad. In 2011, He quit the Show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” along with his Brother Duane Lee Jr. In 2013, the Chapman’s started another Reality Show called ” Dog and Beth – On The Hunt” which shows Leland working side by side with his dad once again. Leland Chapman’s Net Worth is at least $1 million working on the Reality Shows and running his own Bail Bondman Business in Hawaii.

Duane Lee Chapman Jr Net Worth

Duane Lee Jr. is (I think) Dog The Bounty Hunter’s oldest Son. When Duane Lee Jr., and his brother Leland, quit working on Dog the Bounty Hunter is was reported the reason was about money. Duane Jr. and Beth seemed to have different opinions how much he should be getting paid. After getting into a major argument on the Reality Show, Duane Lee quit along with his brother and walked away from the Family Business for the last time. His is now living a comfortable (but probably not as exciting) life in Florida and has turned a new chapter in his life. Duane Lee Chapman Jr.’s Net Worth is estimated at $500,000,00 as near as we can tell.

Baby Lyssa Chapman’s Net Worth

Baby Lyssa Chapman is Dog’s tenth child from his third wife. Lyssa also seemed to have had a rocky childhood growing up and didn’t see her dad between the ages of ten until she was sixteen years old. Did you know Baby Lyssa had her first baby when she just turned 15 years old? Within three years after moving to Colorado to live with Dog and Beth, Lyssa became the youngest Bounty Hunter in the State of Colorado beating Beth’s record by a full decade. It looks like she also followed her brothers and quit working for the Reality Series “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and the show was soon canceled. When the new Show “Dog and Beth – On The Hunt” first aired on CMT, it was rumored Lisa would not appear in this series either. She along with her brother Leland finally came to terms, and now most of the Family has reunited once again helping make this Reality Show a Success [for all parties involved].
Baby Lyssa’s Net Worth is also estimated at $500,000.00 including a nice little raise from Beth now knowing how important the Kids are to keep this Reality Show’s ratings in the top spots.

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