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So you’re thinking about going to the Bering Sea in Nome, Alaska with dreams about finding a million dollars worth of Gold? After watching some of the Reality Stars featured on the Bering Sea Gold Show, I just might.

Out of all crews working on the Bering Sea Gold Show, only the Christine Rose operated by Father/ Son team Steve and Shawn Pomrenke, consistently find more than $1 million dollars worth of gold every Season. Emily, Riedel however, keeps fine-tuning her dredging skills and making progress with each passing Season.


Bering Sea Golds Net Worth listed by Successful Dredges

The Christine Rose

Steve Pomrenke is the owner of The Christine Rose and one of the most successful gold miners in Nome, Alaska, both on and off the Bering Sea Gold Reality Show. In 2010 alone, the Christine Rose recovered over $3 million in gold using Pomrenke’s unique excavation methods that are now becoming popular with other Bearing Sea Gold Miners.
Steve Pomrenke’s Net Worth is estimated north of $5 million and probably a lot more.

Shawn Pomrenke is co-owner of the Christine Rose along with his dad Steve listed above. It’s a little sad how the Father/ Son team talk to each other sometimes, but somehow they make it work when it comes to finding the gold. Shawn’s also invested in another dredge in Nome, AK called the Shamrock. Together the two operations consistently recover more gold off the Bearing Sea than just about anyone mining in Nome. Shawn Pomrenke’s Net Worth is over $2 million, and just like his Dad, probably a lot more.

The Eroica

 Emily Reidel is now the owner of the Eroica Dredge now competing on the Bering Sea Gold Season 4. In the first Season, Emily worked on The Clark with childhood friend Zeke Tenhoff. If there’s one thing Emily adds to the Bearing Sea Gold Show its drama. Lot’s and lots of drama. Sorry, Emily, I couldn’t resist. 😉 . But then again, this is a Reality TV Show, and Reidel plays her part like a seasoned gold mining pro.

While financially struggling when the Bering Sea Gold first aired, Emily, the only female dredge owner on the Show, recovered over 150 ounces of gold valued at $180,000.00 in Season 4. Emily Reidel’s Net Worth now exceeds $250,000.00 in gold and hard earned cash made from Becoming a Reality TV Star. Check out Reidel’s FaceBook page with a new set of twin motors she’s upgrading on the Eroica with her new found wealth and success.

Au Grabber

The Au Grabber Gold Operation‘s owned by Hank Schmschat from Anchorage, Alaska. Hank, an experienced excavator operator, seems to be obsessed with the Pomrenke’s method of recovering gold out of the Bering Sea. So much, in fact, Schimschat invested over $600,000.00 to build a floating gold recovery operation rivaling The Christine Rose. The Au Grabber first appeared on the Bering Sea Gold Show in Season 3 brand spanking new and ready to pay for itself in the first Season.

If the old Christine Rose consistently recovers over a million dollars in gold each Season, then the Au Grabber should have no problems paying for itself during the same time, right? Unfortunately, Au Grabber fell short of its goal only recovering 104 ounces or $223,000.00 worth of gold. While Hank didn’t have the best gold season he had hoped for, it was good enough to come in second place on the Bering Gold Show for the entire Season. Schuchat brought the Au Grabber back to the Show in Season 4 and this time achieved his original $600,000.00 goal by finding over 490 ounces of Bering Sea Gold. Hank Schmschat’s Net Worth is $2+ million

The Wild Ranger

The Wild Ranger Skipper Vernon Adkison has been on the Bearing Sea Gold Show since the very first episode. Vernon estimates he’s invested over a million dollars in the Wild Ranger operation in Nome, Alaska. During the entire first Season, the Wild Ranger found less than an ounce of gold worth only $1250.00. Adkison wisely made a few adjustments in Bearing Sea Gold Season 2 and successfully recovered 84 ounces worth over $140,000.00. Season 3 was another learning experience recovering the gold from the Bearing Sea, but he made up for it last year in Season 4 recovering 190 ounces worth a quarter of a million dollars. While Vernon still hasn’t recouped his entire investment, He’s more than made up the difference since becoming a Reality TV Star. Vernon Adkison’s Net Worth is estimated over $1,5 million.

The Clark – Miss Nomer

The Clark is a homemade dredge built by Nome Alaska Native Zeke Tenhoff, who’s been on the Bering Sea Gold Show from the beginning of Season 1. Zeke also gave Emily Reidel the opportunity working on The Clark Gold Dredge during the Shows premiere, and yes, made for lots of drama how the couple coexisted while gold mining together. In the first Season, The Clark recovered only 38 ounces worth of gold valued at $65,000.00.

Zeke returned in the Bering Sea Gold Show in Season 3 with another dredge called “Miss Nomer” recovering less than 17 ounces of gold that’s not even worth $22,000.00. The Clark returned in Season 4 finding over 55 ounces of gold worth over $65,000.00 at the current spot price. Zeke continues putting every spare dollar back into his gold recovery operation, and maybe, just maybe, He’ll soon be able to catch up with his apprentice Emily, which tripled The Clarks gold count last season. Zeke Tenhoff’s Net Worth is over $200,000.00 since becoming a Bering Sea Reality Star.

The Reaper

The Reaper Gold Dredge owned by Brad Kelly and his two sons Kris and Andy Kelly. The Kelly’s first appeared on the Bering Sea Gold Show last year in Season 3 where no gold was recovered until the last episode finding barely two ounces. The Reaper Dredging Crew seemingly did much better in Season 4 reporting over 48 ounces of gold valued at $58,000.00 which is a significant improvement over last season. But does this total also include over 11 ounces of gold Brad outright ripped off from his Sons? If you missed the episode when Brad and his wife Courtney, go to the local gold buyer in Nome selling the gold stolen from his kid’s, it’s one for the record books I assure you.

Brad Kelly’s Net Worth is estimated at $13,000.00 the amount of he stole from The Reaper’s gold recovery operation. Kris and Andy, on the other hand, both are hardworking and honest gold dredgers with a very successful career ahead of them. Once they get away from the Grim Reaper and start running their own dredges, look for their gold recovery numbers to explode. Both Andy and Kris Kelly have a Net Worth of at least $100,000.00 each.

Steve Reidel – Steve’s World

Steve Reidel is the colorful gold miner with lots of stories seen on the Bearing Sea Gold Show since the very beginning. Reidal as most of you already know, is Emily’s Dad in real life. Currently working on The Wild Ranger with Vernon Atkison’s crew, Reidel has a long history working on various dredges in the Bering Sea. Steve Reidel’s Net Worth is, well, I’m not even sure Steve knows the correct answer. After all, in Steve’s World its all about having a good time.

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  • 02/03/2016 at 4:08 pm

    Just from watching the show you can tell that the Christine Rose is the definitely the best gold mining family in Nome. The other families rely too much on their celebrity personalities and the chances of making it big on reality television to take the gold mining business seriously. Most of them would probably be better off getting a job like the rest of us.

  • 06/29/2016 at 1:28 am

    Sadly Discovery has become just like all the rest. I started watching the show to learn how things were done and what life was like up there. Now it's just another scripted drama show where I know from a reliable source most of them make $250.000 per season to act. Sad.

  • 09/22/2016 at 8:56 pm

    We would be stupid to believe that they make a living without The Discovery Channel. Just like so many other shows they support. Can u say Alaskan Bush People?

  • 09/27/2016 at 6:40 pm

    Why is that sad we all have to make a living some way

  • 02/20/2017 at 10:39 am

    I like Bering sea gold, but i think Anonymous is right Its become silly. Thats why the best is Under the ice season 1 where there is no crap.

  • 03/01/2017 at 4:38 pm

    show producers must think scripting makes the show more entertaining. i disagree. i liked the show so much more during the first 2 seasons.

  • 03/26/2017 at 7:41 am

    I want Emily to give me the “motorboat”

  • 04/05/2017 at 7:42 pm

    ALL REALITY SHOWS ARE SCRIPTED! Just a fact of the Biz……


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