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What is the “The Car Chaser’s” Jeff Allen Really Worth?
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“The Car Chaser’s” is a reality show airing on CNBC and covers restoration experts who repair cars and sell them at a profit. Co-Star Meg Bailey first wrote the idea for the Show in 2003, but the Reality Show first aired in 2013. The theme of the Show is to show what you can acquire and sell a car for profit with a little imagination and hard work.

Flat 12 Gallery in Lubbock, Texas, is owned by Jeff Allen and the primary focus of the Car Chasers Reality Show. In this cast, Jeff always has an excuse to find, fix, and flip classic cars. If it has an engine, Jeff has a plan. With his strong team, Jeff works to refurbish these cars efficiently into dollar signs. He is all about the tactic; buying low and selling high is the name of his game, but deep down, Jeff would happily hold on to every car he acquires. Each one is a treasure, and this is what makes him good at wheeling and dealing when it comes to cars. But deep down inside, this grown-up kid knows it’s Meg’s business decisions helping make Flat 12 Gallery the Success it is. If it were Jeff’s decision, He’d keep all the car’s he restores.

He values all cars, but as a child of the seventies, Jeff is very fond of Ferraris. However, his weakness should not fool you, Jeff treats each deal as a battle when competing with a similar challenge, and the negotiations become a true chess game he usually wins on his terms.

Meggan Bailey has been Jeff’s partner since high school and has been his longstanding financial adviser. She advises him on what cars to buy, sell or add to his growing collection if the price is right.

However, she is far from the typical business adviser as she was brought up with an appreciation for classic automotive s that gave her a lot of car collecting wisdom. Her disapproval on a car often prevents Jeff and the rest of the team from wasting money and making big mistakes on non-profitable or non-running cars not worth restoring. Meg’s attitude and strategy are what keeps the team working at maximum efficiency and keeps Jeff’s child-like love for collecting them all in check.

“The Car Chaser” reality show shares an authentic glimpse of Megs and Jeff’s daily lives. The duo together with the rest of the team has a flair for wheeling and dealing in distinctive and in most cases extremely rare vehicles. For the “Car Chasers” fans, visiting Flat 12 Gallery when in Lubbock, Texas, is a Must-Stop destination.

About Jeff Allen: Jeff is an exotic car salesman, restorer, and a reality television show star. Born in Texas, Jeff developed an interest in cars as a child. Both his grandfather and father sold and restored cars, and so he grew up around cars his entire life. Throughout his school years, Jeff worked in his father’s auto shop and bought his first car at the age of 13. Jeff opened a car dealership, which specializes in sales and repair of exotic cars and has acquired specialty cars for many celebrities such as Tim Allen and Charlie Sheen. He also supplies cars for television programs and movies. Jeff Allen’s net worth is estimated at $15 to $17 million dollars and climbing FAST!

Abut Meggan Baley: Meg is originally from California before moving to Lubbock, TX. Meg has lived with her “car chasers” partner, Jeff Allen, for the past eight years and obviously more than just “business partners” as the Car Chaser’s Show sometimes tries to portray. I’m still waiting for the Car Chaser’s Episode when Jeff finally proposes to Meg which will certainly boost the ratings.

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