Danny Koker’s Net Worth

Danny Koker Star of Counting Cars Networth

History Channels “Counting Cars” Success Story

For a man who grew up singing gospel music, Danny Koker of History Channel’s hit show “Counting Cars” has created a prosperous world with vintage cars and a very successful custom car shop called “Count’s Kustoms” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Counting Cars Reality Show
Counting Cars Reality Star Danny Koker
With One of His Bad Ass Custom Cars!

Born in 1964 in Ohio, Koker is a trained baritone singer, and for several years he traveled around with his famous singing family. Danny’s always been fascinated with everything to do with old cars and a self-taught mechanic as a result. In time, the family moved to Las Vegas, where his father bought Channel 33 in 1990 and Koker became the co-owner.

Before Danny’s current gig doing “Counting Cars,” which began in August 2012, Koker hosted “Saturday Fright at the Movies,” a movie horror series owned by his parents where he went by the moniker of “Count Cool Rider.” He did this for several years and then opened up Count’s Kustoms in the 1990s. Danny also owns Count’s Vamp’d Rock and Roll Bar and Grill on West Sahara Blvd in Las Vegas that’s become a major success all by itself. He also owns Count’s Tattoo Company where some of the best tattoo artists can be found working in Las Vegas. If that’s not enough to keep this very successful entrepreneur busy, Koker also started a band called Count’s 77 Band that just released its debut album.

Danny Koker’s Net Worth

After about five years in Las Vegas, Koker became a very popular figure and started appearing on shows like “American Restoration” and “Pawn Stars” restoring old vintage cars and motorcycles. History Channel saw how much the fans liked him, so he was given his own show, which is the now the exceedingly popular show “Counting Cars.”

The “Counting Cars” reality show is so popular that fans come every day looking at his car shop when visiting Las Vegas. He greets them with a smile and often gives visitors a tour and even an autographed picture if you want. His reality show is credited with changing the way people look at vintage cars and car restorations potential.

After all of this success in his life thus far, Danny Koker’s Net Worth is estimated over $15 million dollars. Danny says that he credits his success to lots of prayers, as well as always treating people right 100% of the time.

So, the next time you’re watching the History Channel’s “Counting Cars” with Danny Koker, don’t forget that he was once traveling around the country singing gospel music with his family.

While most people in Las Vegas bet with chips, Danny “The Count” Koker bets with a pure passion going into every Kount’s Custom Car.

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  • 06/02/2015 at 6:01 pm

    Danny is a top shelf guy along with the rest of the crew at Counts Kustoms! I really enjoyed talking to Ryan very talented but humble.

  • 03/13/2017 at 5:41 pm

    get danny over to the uk to do a show and show us english guys how quick and how good of a job the guys at counts customs do..love the programme and when he does jobs for the pawn stars gang..respect to counts customs and if you got a job going for me danny gis a shout..got no skills but would love to work with you guys.


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