Phil Robinson’s Networth

Phil Robertson’s Net Worth Grows Considerably

 Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Gets Huge Raise After Being Fired from AnE

Phil Robertsons networth grows
Phil Robertsons Net Worth Grows Conciderably
after GQ Magazine Uproar

 Well Ole Phil Robertson, the Dad and original patent holder for the Duck Call that made Duck Dynasty what it is today, has really done it this time. In just a few short days since GQ Magazine’s Article hit the Internet, Phil manages to get kicked off the Reality Show that’s made his Family Famous for being “Real”, and turns all Reality Shows upside down in the process.

The battle for what constitutes Real Reality TV (which we all know is still watered down) and basically acting in front of the camera, is about too finally come to a head with the entire Duck Dynasty Family being the biggest financial winners no matter what happens.

Phil Robertson might of got suspended from Duck Dynasty Show for speaking his beliefs, but His Duck Dynasty’s Networth has drastically increased more than the Robertson’s could of ever imagined just a few days before this story came out. They were already the #1 Reality Show in History averaging over 10 million viewers an episode. But now thanks to Phil Robertson giving his honest answer to maybe a somewhat loaded question, the entire Duck Dynasty’s net worth is headed into the stratosphere.

According to an earlier article posted on the Richest Celebrities Blog, Phil Robertson’s personal net worth was pegged around $18 million. the AnE Channel was report ably paying the entire Duck Dynasty Family $200,000.00 per episode in this last season, but many millions have also been made with licensing deals that cover just about everything imaginable. Considering the 20 Robertson’s that are splitting the pot, and that Phil is (was) one of the main Characters on the Show, it’s safe to say he was making at least double the average, or $40,000.00 per Episode.

Now that GQ and the AnE channel has chosen to make Phil Robertson even more famous than He already was, any future appearance from the Dad of Duck Dynasty for ANY News coverage be it another interview or a guest appearance on his own show, is now gonna cost them far more than just money alone, if at all. If Charlie Sheen could command over $2 million per episode before He got fired from His popular sitcom, no doubt the entire Duck Dynasty with Phil still very much at the helm, could easily ask for and be compensated just as much, if not more.

As they say in Show Business “Any Publicity is Good Publicity” and boy has Phil Robertson and the entire Duck Dynasty Family getting a lot of that. Not many people can get fired one day, and be worth several millions more that puts them all in a whole new class even they could never of imagined.

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